Monday, 23 December 2013

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Dec. 16 - 20

Pushy Award: Sally has never been backward in pushing her men forward. It didn't always work but she never stops trying.

Corrie tradition award: Are we about to have a new window cleaner on the cobbles? Not if Sally has her way.

#(%*@^ award: That Christian really is a nasty piece of work isn't he? I'm so glad Fiz wiped the smirk off his face even if she did tell him Hayley was ill. Then he held the grandchildren for a ransom of 5000 pounds.

Fashion Fool award: Dev wearing orange spandex (just for visibility of course!)

Great Minds think alike: Tim and Sally got to the bridal suite before Steve and Michelle. Never mind. They got there in the end.

Geography fail: Nobody knows where Bali is!

Lives of the week: Sally" You actually paid money for it?" (Kind of agree with her there!)
Carla "I Do. It's the longest sentence in the world" Peter "I'd gladly serve"
Tim about Eva "She puts the chest in Manchester"
Carla "Here's me marrying the love of my life tomorrow and I've got to spend the night before in a hotel with Michelle"
Peter "You know what they say about monogamy? Damn fine wood"
Carla "We're a house of cards at the best of times"
Tracy about the first dance song "What is it? Another One Bites the Dust?"
Gail on inspirational role models "Word of advice. Don't be too ambitious. I put up Angelina Jolie. Just made me depressed"

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