Monday, 9 December 2013

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Dec. 2 - 6

Creepy award: It's very weird watching Gail fawn all over Nick, stroking him and batting those eyelashes at him.
Macho Man award: Brian? Really???

Yellow Belly (coward) award: Brian, again. And the Sabotage Award as well.

Phrase of Doom award goes to Tracy "Girls are more sensible than boys"

Kirk "It's a full time job looking busy"

Fashion shout: Didn't Julie look nice in red?

Lines of the week:
Julie about a beard for Brian "It's just that he's so macho anyway. I worry that facial hair will tip him into the Grizzly Adams territory"
Izzy "We can return to 'Beth, the Mini-series' later"
Kirk "Counting was me favourite subject in school" Sally "After what? Colouring?"
Kirk "Beth reckons I'm a good listener" Carla "With her gob I would've thought that would be a prerequisite" (blank look from Kirk")
Carla about Kirk "Heart of gold but the brains of a rocking horse"
Brian "I'm sorry Julie" Julie "It's not your fault" (yes it is)
Nick "I don't have a wife. I have a carer" (but just for now)

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