Monday, 21 February 2011

Corrie Weekly Awards for Feb. 14 - 18

Don't turn your back on me Ladeh! award: Glass Star: Unusual angle, seeing Audrey and Rita having it out in the salon. It looked like Audrey's back was turned to Rita when it was only her reflection in the mirror.

Sucker award: Gold Star: I'm very afraid Audrey is getting taken in by a con man

Wuthering Heights award: Gold Star: Kate Bush wailing, Yorkshire Moors, and a stack of competitions...what more could you ask of a holiday? (quite a lot, actually)

Deer in the headlights award: Glaring star: Natasha backed Nick into a corner so he had to take her for a drink and he *still* ignored her. Get a clue, woman!

Snoop Dog award: Nosy Star: Audrey got what she deserved when she nosed into Lewis' black client book.

Appropriate soundtrack award: Warbling star: When Natasha came into the pub, "All By Myself" was on the jukebox and Nick was nowhere to be seen.

Where did that conscience come from award: Gold Star: David is starting to scare me.

Lines of the week:
Tyrone "It must be true because Kirk told me and Kirk knows a lot about animals." Molly "No, Kirk knows a bit about dogs."
Deirdre "Why do you always turn me into the boring one?" (because he's the pot and you're the kettle)
Kevin "I just loved me wife more than you" (don't they usually?)
Norris about Mary "I don't want her going Twang! in the middle of the night!"
David to Gary "I've taken you in! I've given you crisps!"
Graeme "Very underrated, sarcasm. Wasted if your target is too dense to understand"
Natasha "I didn't want to turn up early, I might as well tattoo Desperate on me forehead" (too late)

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