Monday, 14 February 2011

Corrie Weekly Awards for Feb. 7 - 11

Mama bear award: Gold Star: Pam laying into Kevin over harassing Molly, several times! Go Team Pam!

Asshole of the week award: Gold Star: Kevin for suggesting that Molly get an abortion (sorry about the award title but it had to be said)

Idiot award: Gold Star: Stapid...(for many things but in particular, your new boss comes to visit, drinks two bottles of wine with you and you let him drive home???)

Well that didn't work out as planned: Beer Star: Graeme. Being spontaneous with both Rosie and Natasha at the same time! Oops. Just call him the Master.

Will wonders never cease award: Gold Star: Gary and David being civil and maybe even being mates? I think I've woken up in an alternative universe.

Stunt work excellence award: Fantastic stuntwork for the car crash! And excellent watching them tear the car apart too!

Instant Ambulance Award: It always amazes me how ambulances appear almost instantaneous even in the most remote locations!

Fashion Don't award: Did we really need to see Eddie in his Y-fronts without any warning?

Unlikely confidantes award: Friendly star: Ken and Steve sharing a quiet moment away from the madding crowd.

Lines of the Week:
John "Let's get rid of John Stape" (please. Let's.)
Anna to Teresa "That's my son you're leering at. Focus your fetish fantasies somewhere else!"
Molly "It might not be yours and it might not be Tyrone's but it's definitely mine now Get Out!"  (I don't like Molly, but Kevin is rapidly sinking in my opinion too)

Kevin to Pam "Lie, you mean" Pam "That shouldn't be hard. You've had enough practice!"
Teresa about Fiz and Julie: "One of 'em's married to a kidnapper stroke pervert and the other one's dad was a paedo and *I'm* persona non gratia!"
Julie to John: "Love her. Ravish her. But don't fan the flames!"
Eddie: "I've been all over. Left no stone unturned. Which is very appropriate given what Gary's friends are like"

Pam to Kevin "If he knew half of what you've done to him... I pray he never finds out" (It's a soap. Of *course* he's going to find out!)
Eddie "I've been all over. Left no stone unturned. Which is pretty appropriate when you consider what some of Gary's friends are like"

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