Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bet Lynch and your earliest Corrie memory

(This post was originally posted by Rebecca on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I just got home after a looooong week at two jobs and was in the need of Trashy Telly. I don't generally watch much TV, but it's been that kind of week. So I've found Christopher Biggins presenting the Top 50 Showbiz Comebacks. (What is the point of Christopher Biggings, by the way? He's just like Professionally Camp, or something.) Anyway, at Number 14 was the lovely Bet. She didn't exactly come back for long though, did she? I would say that a come back would demand that you were as big or bigger than you were before, and Bet most definitely was not.

Anyway, watching the clip of her leaving the first time in 1995 made me realise that that is one of my earliest Corrie memories. My dad watched Corrie a lot, and I, at the tender age of 11, was mesmerised by Bet's hair. How did it stay up???

Looking for a photo of Bet I found this amazingness. I'll ignore Hilda's overalls and Vera's unfathomable pink... thing... Concentrate instead on Bet's gorgeous dress and white bangle and beads. I think this look is old enough to be now back in fashion - gorgeous! What's your earliest Corrie memory?

(Tvor adds....)
The first storyline i remember is the aftermath of Brian Tilsley's death in 1989. I also remember barmaid Tina Fowler from that year, and the tearing down of the old factory to build the new houses. That goes along with Alan Bradley trying to kill Rita and then gaslighting her.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

My earliest memory of Corrie Street is Ina Sharples and Minnie Caldwell in the "snug" of the Rovers and Ina's milk stout. When I went to London in 1985, I asked for a milk stout, and no one knew what I was talking about. Oh well! I got hooked on bitter instead.

Pantagruelle said...

My earliest memories, all about the same time, were Alan trying to kill Rita and Ken having an affair with some young girl from his work either at the Gazette or as a teacher. I don't remember the new houses ever not being there though. I calculated once that I must have started watching in October 1989 in the Corrie timeline. I was 13.

Tvor said...

I wish i had been watching back in the days of the snug! I've only seen it on video. Pantagruelle, that's just a short few months after i started watching, though i was a bit older.

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