Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday Corrie Comments, May 9 - 13

I'm on me holidays but I've gone over the updates on and have extrapolated some comments for you. If i've got them wrong or attached them to the wrong weeks for our Canadian screens, bear with me!

If Fiz really thinks John is going to resign, then Chesney's right. She has turned into a doormat. John as always, does what he wants, not what is right, and bins the resignation letter and lied to Fiz about it. He's very good at lying isn't he? Anyone that can lie that well *has* to have something diagnosable by a psychiatrist!

Seems now John *is* on  holidays but the downside is, so is Charlotte and with nothing better to do, she's plaguing John who's starting to twist in the wind (you ain't seen nothin' yet!) while she's determined to get him in the sack, or she'll tell all! John was almost going to ask Roy for his old job back but bottled that too. Now Colin wants his life and identity back, naturally and John is struggling to remember all his lies. He's not willing to "Lower" himself to go back to the cafe but Fiz rightly points out that he really doesn't have a choice but he really wants to teach, regardless of the fact that it'll ruin his life and his marraige. It's what he wants and that's all that matters. Lying sod!

Is that Liz? or Vampira? Why is there a great big hole in the floor of Underworld? It wasn't there after the blast because we saw Maria and Carla in there.

Ryan's none too happy about his discovery about Sian and Sophie, feeling the sting of rejection just that little bit more. Will he tell? No, probably not.

Eileen's being her usual grumpy self, feeling every increasingly dissatisfied with  her life as middle age rapidly approaches. She gets no respect (does she do anything to earn it?) and points out that Audrey at 70 has a better lovelife than she. Well, yes, on the surface. Time enough for moaning, stand up and do something about it, so she does. She wants to buy into Streetcars. I can't imagine why Steve and Lloyd wouldn't let her, really. It should be a good thing for the business but no, they're keeping her out of the loop and treating her with... no respect so it's no wonder she tells them to shove the job and doesn't accept their apology since it doesn't come with partnership papers.

Just in time for her rent to go up (for those of you that have forgotten, Steve sold the house to pay for his and Karen's second wedding, with Eileen as a sitting tennant so she's been renting from an unseen landlord) They finally did offer her a manager's job but she dickered about salary too much and they walked away. Doh. She settled for even less in the end. Not very fair, is it?

So Molly and Tyrone are back on screen with badly faked bump clearly in evidence. You may recall that Tyrone had agreed to sell up. Eileen has money for a down payment (but no job) and a hankering to own something. Coincidence?  We keep hearing about Owen's other daughter, Katy, which, by Soap Law, means she's going to appear! Sally still doesn't know of course, about how Molly kept Kevin on the running track and looks down on the tiny house. Tyrone's stalling the confrontation with Kevin, telling him he wants out of the partnership to move away. Sally reckons Kevin could make a low offer because Tyrone is eager to sell up but Kev wouldn't do that to his mate. He's more loyal than that (aside from bonking his mate's wife, that is!)

Lewis has agreed to move in with Audrey. He makes it sound like he gave it a lot of thought. I reckon he was behind closed doors clicking his heels together in joy, loving it when a plan comes together. He's celebrating with breakfast in bed for her. Natasha is still working on Audrey's party and when Maria calls, lies and says she was of course going to be invited. Jealous cow. Backfired, though, didn't it? Maria's back for good, wanting her old job back, usurping Natasha's potential place in Audrey's heart as a granddaughter-in-law. I guess Maria will move into the salon flat with Kirk. Bit of a squash with the little'un but i don't suppose Kirk is bothered.

Now though, we all know a big party isn't a big party without something causing an uproar and Gail has found out that Lewis was a gigolo!! Oh Mam! Up goes the suspicion radar, he's out for everything you have Mam! (And she's probably right!) She's got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp now and i love it when Gail gets all righteous! It's too funny! Audrey is highly embarassed, though, and that's going to probably give her even more reason to get out of town and retire to Greece where nobody knows her. Ken advising Lewis that he can be as happy as he and Deirdre are isn't going to encourage Lewis to settle down! Quite the opposite, i would think.

Natasha was smelling the sweet scent of ownership and if she could push Audrey faster into retirement, she would, to get her hands on the salon but with Maria back in the picture, you might think Audrey would give her first refusal, wouldn't you? But David still works there too and he might be a bit perturbed that his livelihood and inheritance (assuming he thinks he should inherit it) are at stake. Claudia's back for the party, too and making wonderfully sarky remarks. Not only did Gail find out about Lewis, but Natasha finds out that Nick now has a second former ex in the picture, Maria!

Cheryl has quit another lap dancing club and needs a job. Mary is still buzzing about the wedding and ordering Hayley around but almost pushes a bit too far and has to back down over the selection of the bridesmaids. Does Dev have his eyes opened as to how difficult it really is to look after two young children? yes and No. He pretends it's a piece of cake so Sunita reckons they should continue all summer with her in the shop and him with the kids! Naturally he's not willing to do that nor is he willing to pay a babysitter but you know Sunita will have her way.  Luckily, Nanny Claire is ready to go back to her chosen profession. Case closed!

Sean is still moaning about Dylan and using Liz's identity on FaceScene to see pics of the lad. You know he'll get caught, it's only a matter of time. And indeed, there's a stream of men coming to the pub to ogle Liz, clearly having seen her on the social networking site and all of them looking rather desperate themselves. Watch this space!

Gail to Audrey "You're the one shacking up with a male prostitute!" (Oh, did I say that out loud?)
Audrey "Everyone thinks of me as the classic good time girl, married for money, lording it over people as Lady Mayoress (well, she was, she did and she did!)
Eileen about Audrey's scandal "Desperate Fishwives!"
Liz: "I've got a face that says 'approachable.'" Michelle: "And a skirt that says 'hiya!':" 

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Dorothy Stewart said...

Oh thank you! I couldn't figure out why all the men were ogling Liz. I knew there was some significance to it, but never thought about the "social network site". Also I missed Michelle's response about Liz's skirt so another thanks for that - great line!

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