Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Corrie Couple Shuffle (speculation)

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2013.)

And if you can say that 5 times quickly after a few pints of Newton and Ridley's, you get a star!

What does it mean? Well, I've been thinking about spoilers and speculating my little heart out this morning.

We know that Owen will be offered a share in the pub because Stella can't afford the rest of the renovations. My guess is that the insurance isn't going to come up with the money. Doesn't seem fair but Stella did remark that she wanted the work started before she heard back from the insurance and needed three quotes. I don't know if she actually got them and I reckon the insurance company is balking.

So, if this plays out as given, that Owen will be part owner of the pub, he's obviously not going to be a silent partner. Karl will not be long for our world since he's a murderer. He'll have to be caught or die trying. That's him out of the picture.

Cut across the road to Chateau Windass. Anna is struggling with Faye's desire to get to know her father, Tim, who's moved in across the road. Others have wondered if Tim and Anna could end up being a couple eventually, nudging bully boy Armstrong out the door. There you have the template for the couple shuffle.

Karl will be gone. Owen will be sticking his nose in the pub business and probably helping to pick up the pieces when St. Ella is all morose and upset after the revelations of Karl's dastardly deeds. Faye continues to cause ructions between Owen and Anna and their relationship breaks under the strain. Tim steps in, and Anna has finally got herself a nice guy (providing Tim proves to be that nice guy, no reason at this point to suspect otherwise but you never know...) while St. Ella has a stormy relationship with Owen. It's not the first time he's had his eye on the Rovers landlady (Liz). He may even have a hand in bringing Karl down, who knows, especially if Karl goes doolally and loses control.

What say you, dear readers? Worth a consideration?

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Anonymous said...

My only problem with this possibility is that it still involves Stella. I want rid of her soon as.

Anonymous said...

And I'm not so sure about Tim as a nice guy - since that post was written, we've had a few scenes that intimated he's not. (Chesney; not looking after Faye properly)
I'm getting tired of Stella, after saying for a long time she wasn't as bad as other viewers find her. However, I am tired of couple shuffles - why do they all have to have affairs, cheat, separate. Can we not have a happy couple? (that have actual big roles)

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