Saturday, 18 May 2013

Where's Audrey?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2013.)

What has happened to Audrey Roberts? The fragrant crimper of Weatherfield’s most famous cobbled street appears to have vanished without trace.

I know we haven’t seen much of the Platt-McIntyre’s of late but come on powers that be, give Sue Nicholls a storyline again soon! Stella needs to hutch up a bit and give someone else a bit of air time.

Personally if one character has to dominate, I’d rather like it to be our Aud. She is a classic Corrie woman portrayed by a wonderful actress.

Although I always enjoy seeing Audrey on screen I can’t help but wish the Coronation Street writers would give her something else to do other than become embroiled in more family dramas or entangled with yet more unsuitable men. Yes, i guess what I’m really after is an original plot for one of Corrie’s mature female characters.

Well, a boy can dream.

Are you missing Audrey? What would you like her next storyline to be?

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1 comment:

Alanna said...

Let Audrey do something happy and fun for a change! Perhaps win a contest for stylists over 'a certain age', but the prize is typically Corrie humour as it's an entry for herself and a male partner for pint-tasting in a back-street pub (most definitely NOT the Rovers and NO ST ELLA!)?
p.s. we could add St Ella after all...Audrey could use her as her model and completely change her bland look. Forget it, any scene without St Ella is a winner in itself.

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