Monday, 2 February 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards Jan. 26 - 30

The awards are a bit brief this week, I'm having computer trouble and missing some bits.

Broken award: Steve completely fell apart between the shock and the guilt and he ended up huddled in a dark corner of the woods, freaking out.

First impressions award: Yasmeen thinks Carla is a cold fish. Roy and the rest of us know otherwise.

Priorities award: Liz made sure Amy knew her dad was ok but there was no mention of her mother. Did Liz know that Tracy was with them? Tony did so Amy would have been told directly.

Hero of the hour award: Julie and Maddie did good but Tracy saved Carla and nearly went down with the bus!

Musical ambiance award: Living on a Prayer playing on the jukebox as the neighbours are about to hear of the accident.

Lines of the week:
Carla "You're just back off your honeymoon. I might think that romance is dead but I'm not a complete cow!"
Tyrone "It's a date thing, it's bound to be on your mind" Roy "Well I hadn't noticed that it had ever been off my mind"
Yasmeen "I suppose she would prefer I had you breaking stones in the yard for a rockery" Roy "Are you thinking of a rockery?" (the look on Yasmeen's face cracked me up.)
Roy to Carla "You degrade the award for others by taking this attitude" (I thought he was going to come out with "Listen to your Uncle Roy!!!!")
Carla "Tracy Barlow? She's about as popular as nits!"
Sally "Is it 4 or 5 stars for Marlbury Hall?" Carla "It was 5 stars, Until tonight!"

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