Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Comments February 15

Poor Sinead has to lay flat on her back all the time. That in itself is enough to put pressure on her back! I'm glad they're showing Sinead scared and tearful at times instead of being stoic and strong. It's more realistic. It's really not Steve's fault and even if he didn't walk away, it wouldn't make any difference to Sinead's condition but Chesney isn't in any state of mind to understand.

Maybe Sinead's great-gran will be able to talk some sense to him. She had a really full day with lots of visitors and at the last, she was able to feel Chesney touch her leg. You never thought she was going to be permanently paralyzed did you? Sinead is still staring at the ceiling, though, it's got to be awfully boring for her. Agnes is whipping the household into shape, making everyone else pitch in with the housework that Sinead was obviously doing herself. Chesney had to leave Joseph with Roy because Joe had a little cold and didn't want to bring the lad to the hospital with it. I don't think I'd bring a 3 year old to a hospital to see Sinead in that shape. I'd wait until she could at least sit up so it wouldn't be so scary for him.

Anyway, he pretends that Katy has Joseph, knowing Sinead still has a grudge on against Roy for what he did to Gary. But Chesney cannot tell a lie and admitted it. At least she's backing down and starting to understand that Roy's violent outburst was a one off and out of character. She even asked Roy to the hospital to apologize. Back to Sainthood for Sinead. And what she said, seems to have struck a nerve with Roy.

I just don't see why Eva and Jason couldn't move out and rent? Why the big deal about buying? Eva's determined to house hunt behind Jason's back with Tony's help. Todd knows the truth but he's determined to interfere and interfere he does so that Jason discovers Eva and Tony meeting behind his back. Stupidly, they lie and cover up what they're really doing and Todd kept dripping poison in Jason's ear, subtly. And Jason doesn't do subtle and he's easy to push in the direction Todd wants.

Norris really needs a lesson in customer service. And Maddy's due an apology. Pigs. Fly. That about sums it up. This week, Norris is on the warpath yet again, this time against Maddie and Simon for kicking a football and bouncing it off the walls and windows of the Kabin. They're not hitting the windows on purpose but it does happen on occasion so really, they should take it to the Red Rec or find somewhere else to kick around.

The football ends up punctured and Norris is blamed. (he'd already got under Maddie's radar last week when he short changed her) His face after she accuses him sort of indicates he might have had something to do with it, though. And yet, he continues to instigate trouble, like he just can't help himself and i suppose it's a good thing that he doesn't really care if people don't like him. I certainly never did. He's thoroughly nasty, dislikeable and contemptible. He deserves everything he gets. He may get the occasional funny line but I hate him!

Maddy has decided to get her own back at Norris by gaslighting him, making him thinking he's lost the plot and he is really starting to worry. I didn't realize the magazine order mixup was her fault. I don't think she realized the effect she was having until Mary talked to her. She just thought it was a bit of a joke, really. She might have had a rough life, but she's still immature at heart and doesn't think of the consequences of her actions. She apologized but Norris, of course, isn't gracious about it at all. 

Meanwhile it's Maddie's 18th birthday and Sophie has organized a weekend away at a really nice spa or resort, all inclusive. Maddie isn't so sure about it, thinking she will have to dress up but Sophie says not, it's all about having fun. Maddie is having a serious self esteem issues over the whole thing but she went anyway, stopping at the Kabin for a magazine where Norris continued to push as many buttons as she can.

Max is not dealing well with Kylie's absence and Katie has volunteered to mind him. With Callum lurking in the corners. Now Katy's met Callum and it's instant fancy. If he wasn't a drug dealer (thought she doesn't know that) you could understand the attraction. He is pretty good looking. David has Katy pick up Max after school and when she does, she encounters Callum in the cafe again, because Callum is doing a lot of lurking around corners in his car, watching David and Max. He charms Katy into letting him stay for milkshakes, bribing Max with it, of course. Katy knows how David feels but not why and David goes off again when she finds them.

When David tells Katy about Callum's drug dealing, Katy understands and backs off Callum who's not best pleased with David's interfering. Well, what did he expect? Now Callum's getting right in David's face and is threatening to get a residency order to take Max away and he thinks he will be successful because Eva slipped and he knows his name is on the birth certificate. I still don't think he actually wants to look after a kid full time so he's probably just winding David up. Callum naturally lied to Katy that he's not dealing anymore but he did tell the truth that he's Max's dad. Katy's still determined to date Callum and she believes his lies that he's changed.

Steve started counseling. The first step is the hardest. At least he did talk to the therapist a little though I found the doctor a bit stern. Steve seems a tad brighter but perhaps that's just because he doesn't have to keep secrets anymore. But Liz and Michelle seem to be disagreeing on how to support Steve. Michelle wants to coddle him and Liz thinks tough love is better where Steve is concerned. You'd think she'd know best but in this situation, he's not his usual self and probably, somewhere in the middle would be better. Instead he feels like they're smothering him.

Of course Liz is worried about Steve. He's still hiding away and she thought a few days on meds and 2 sessions with a therapist would show a bit of promise. It doesn't happen that fast. I think a family session with both Liz and Michelle there would be beneficial, it would help them understand. Hiding the remote isn't going to push Steve into being more productive. I am surprised there's only one telly in the whole pub/living quarters. Even if the upstairs living area is no longer in play and we're supposed to forget it was even there, you'd wonder if someone didn't have one in their bedroom since so many people do.

Steve didn't last long behind the bar and it left Michelle and Liz arguing loudly, in front of the punters, and where Steve could overhear. And they continued to discuss Steve's business in the public bar as well. One's as bad as the other. I think maybe Eileen might be a good one to talk to Steve or even Andrea, They're more objective and don't treat Steve with kid gloves. 

The Bistro is reopened. I kind of like the decor. It's very different from the last go-round. It's more rustic, but with stainless steel and a bit of neon as well. Mind you on the day of, there still seems to be an awful lot left to do. Gavin/Andy and Steph get told off a couple of times for "canoodling" when they weren't really, but Leanne is stressed out. Later, a pretty blonde called Tara has delivered the plants and it turns out she's Andy's ex! Leanne sees her all over Andy like a dirty shirt, leaving him with a kiss.

Andy tries to fob Leanne off but she's good at lie detecting. He tries to pretend he and Tara had a one night stand but it all sounds too convenient and I don't think Leanne is really buying it and she told Steph about Tara. Now, Steph knows that Andy is Andy, as we know, so to cover it all, she and Ga-Andy stage a fight which satisfies Leanne but dismays Nick when Steph smacks Andy and walks out just before opening. Then they stage a reconciliation. They really are a cute couple, aren't they?

Owen's another one that's pretty despicable a lot of the time. And as I recall, it was Izzy that did the breaking up with Gary. Owen and Anna are still at odds over their offspring. Anna remarks to Katy later that Izzy and Gary need to move on and Katy actually finds herself agreeing, after all, Izzy won't be able to move on if she thought Gary was miserable. Now if only Owen would buy into it. Izzy needs to tell her dad to back off, that's probably the only way he will.

Meanwhile, Faye is forging Anna's signature on forms, skipping off school, that's why the school isn't calling to check I guess, and hanging around outside the gym and avoiding fattening food. She admits to Craig she's being bullied for gaining weight. As far as that goes, Craig knows whereof he speaks and offers to be his bodyguard. Then she talked Craig into skipping school with her. He's really worried about getting caught but he's such a good mate to her, too.

Michael's nervous about the op, naturally, and Gail is fussing over him, almost unbearably if you ask me. He's even made a will. And that's actually a smart thing to do and it was really stupid for Gail to tear it up.

Sinead is having physio, that's good. It's a long way for her to go. Also this week, Tyrone mentions Hayley's car and Roy contemplates selling it. It would still need an MOT to sell it, wouldn't it? Anyway, after talking to Sinead, Roy seems to have turned a little corner in moving on with his life. He's ready to scatter Hayley's ashes and that's a first step. Nice to hear Mavis being mentioned again, as Rita is going to visit.

Tony said he had to go into town for a  new razor. I would have thought they'd have some of those in the shop! Mary's mother is still alive. Seems like Mary still feels plagued by the woman even if she's not living under her thumb.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Jason renovate a flat years ago? I thought he was Tina's landlord. Who owns that now? Or am I completely off base? lol

Tvor said...

Brian and Julie bought the flat from Jason.

Robin said...

Who owns the flat over the builders now? Did Tony buy it from Owen?

Tvor said...

Yes, Tony would have bought it along with the yard and continued to rent it to Steph and Katy

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find the scenes between Michael and Gail completely nauseating? I find Michael very tiresome constantly whining and fussing. Gail acts like such a fool hovering around him like an idiot. I thought it strange that Michael was going to the hospital for a major heart surgery yet he was having a big family meal in the bistro.

Daithi_c said...

Isn't the lady who plays Eva going on maternity leave soon (the bump is getting a bit too obvious to hide), so she may need a reason to visit with Stella for a while...
(Yes, she and Jason could rent and open a joint account to save a deposit for their own house).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tvor. I figured someone had bought the flat. I must not have been paying attention. (Brian drove me crazy. lol)

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