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Sunday Comments February 8

In the aftermath of the crash, Sean is still shocky and in bits. But some of it is emotion over Billy, too. Eileen called Billy on the sly and he came over. Even then, Sean thought he might have only been making a sympathy visit but he got a welcome surprise. Sean has all day to get ready for his date with Billy but Billy shows up dead early, catching Sean with egg on his face, literally, and wearing a onesie and puppy slippers! If that hasn't put him off, nothing will! I quite like Billy! Looks like Sean is going to have to put up with him having to run off to help his parishoners.

Ken takes a phone call from Tracy who's actually upstairs in bed and ringing her father for room service. But he has praise for Tracy as does everyone else. She even seems proud of herself. She gets herself in to work where Carla staggers in with a cast on her ankle. They exchange some more wry comments and acknowlege the irony of it all.

Jason and Gary seem to have done an all nighter on the town so they hadn't a clue what happened until they rolled up home in the morning. Alya is ok, just a bit shaky and Gary finally made it to the hospital. Zeedan had another go at Gary but surprisingly Kal defended him. Sort of. He's just realized it's a battle he can't win and Gary's excited and optimistic. Zeedan is immovable.

What's going to happen to Sinead? We wait. She needs an operation for the back injury. Everyone's trying to keep Sinead's spirits up but she's scared she'll never walk again. As if that's ever going to happen on a soap. She'll have to work hard but everyone knows how it'll come out. Beth is gutted and really worried and is dead set on holding Steve to account for Sinead's injuries.  I think it's being portrayed very realistically which Sinead in tears and scared and not being brave with a stiff upper lip and all that. Now we have to wait and see what happens.

 Sinead came through the operation but she still can't feel her legs. Looks like it's going to be a long uphill battle but come on, you know she'll walk again. They always do after a bit of hard work. Chesney doesn't want to let her think she's getting better if she isn't but Beth wants to keep her hopeful. Sinead needs to be positive but in the end it was Beth that made the slipped and and they had to tell her the truth. Now she's all upset again so it was bad timing for Steve to show up just then. Chesney is really taking it badly, poor sod.

What's going to happen to Steve? We wait. Where before he couldn't get out of bed, now he can't sleep at all. But he's going to the doctor and he's got Michelle back at his side. She can now see the signs and berates herself for missing all the obvious signs and so she should! Carla blames him too and so do most of his friends. As expected, Steve walking away from the scene of the accident has people thinking badly of him.

Adding to his guilt isn't helping but it's inevitable. He's finally taking medication but it does take time. He's not even sure the meds will be the solution and they won't, not on their own. But it's a start. Looks like Michelle is going to be a really good support. I'm glad it seemed like, when Michelle explained the diagnoses to Eileen that she seemed to realize it was true, not an excuse.  At least he'll have another defender and he needs all the support he can get. Roy was very fair with Steve when he encountered him on the bench. Roy knows there's always more than one side to every story, knows it painfully well.

 Meanwhile, Norris is being particularly vile to Steve, blaming him until Michelle snaps and tells everyone in the pub that Steve has clinical depression. I don't think that's going to help. Norris and others may have some sympathy for him but will still say he shouldn't have been driving. Steve does admit to Michelle that his depression is nothing to Sinead's situation. Tracy found out through the grapevine and was her usual tactful self. But she's right about one thing, he has to tell Amy now that everyone knows. Amy took it very well, like most kids. She understood straight away.

 Kylie seems to have made a purchase at Freshco and David is off to the races but he wasn't able to verify it was her. She's still incommunicado and Max just doesn't understand. So David is still leaving messages on Kylie's phone. Michael wants to help so he put up missing person posters all over the place which sends David into a rage. Did they  not think that Max would see them???? He hasn't told Max yet that Kylie may not come  home, after all. Michael is chastened but only wanted to help. In retaliation, David leaves another message on Kylie's phone, telling her that Gail has died after a grisly mugging. Later, though, he gets a call that she's been done for shoplifting but it isn't her, it's her mate Gemma who had Kylie's handbag. Kylie was with Gemma but they left after a row. Back to square one.

 His answer is to go find Callum which doesn't go over well but David isn't scared of Callum. But the news that Kylie moved out of Gemma's was news to him, too. Now he threatens to tell Max he's the biological dad. Wow, though I didn't expect David to read the letter to Max. That was difficult! We did discover one thing. Even though David said he was going to adopt Max, he never got round to it. Surely he has some rights, though. And when he goes to check, he does have rights but so does Callum who's named on the birth certificate. Oh heck.

Todd's not happy with Tony as one of the bosses and when he finds out Eva wants to move in with Jason and buy a place together, he seems to get into a jealous snit though hides it from her. All she's been is kind to him, you know. Anyway, Jason agrees to it, making Eva's day but as the day goes on Todd is more and more an outsider, it seems. Jason and his dad are all pally and Tony scolds Todd for his attitude. Looks like we're going to be in for another wave of "poor me" and nasty tricks from brother Todd. Boring!

 Jason doesn't seem to have his finances sorted enough to get a deposit, though. Why couldn't they rent, though? Dev still has a flat available. Why does it have to be a purchase? They could afford to rent a place together. He certainly won't take the money from Tony who comforted Eva outside on the bench, in clear view of Todd. Now even if he didn't get the wrong end of the stick, he sure knows he can pretend and convince Jason something's going on. As if Tony would be cuddling Eva in full view of the neighbourhood and across from the pub where his girlfriend lives and works if they were having a fling! And speaking of flings, two control freaks in the same business and she's all over him like a dirty shirt!! Ok, she jumped on him before in a rebound thing after Rob. Does that mean that now the ice is broken, she's going to be the temptress? Looks like it. Kind of came out of nowhere in a way.

 Roy's given Gary a job and a second chance and changing his life. He really is a star! Mary is still cool with Roy but she thawed a bit when she heard about Gary's job and about how much he seems to regard their friendship. Gary is getting on ok in the cafe, so far, though he already broke a few dishes. Never mind. He'll get the hang of it and Roy's a patient man.  Gary hasn't started his community service yet. Meantime he's managing not to cremate most of the food. Zeedan continues to be childish in his attitude towards Gary. Looks like Yasmeen isn't always able to find a lot to keep Roy busy. It's a quiet day at the community centre. But Roy has an idea. Cookery classes including theory and practical which they can do in the cafe. Good idea, actually!

Funny scene when Tim got locked in number 5 after going begging for a bucket of hot water. He turned around and noticed the cage. Empty. And Darryl the rat on the table. Tim freaked out in a panic. He's got a phobia! Now phobias are not funny things normally but this was definitely played for laughs and laugh I did. Craig came home, Tim streaked out of the house and whined to Sally who knew all about the rat and shot him down. She'd survived a bus crash and he's afraid of a domesticated rat? She then calls him a drama queen and threatened to buy him a stuffed rat for his birthday. I love these two together!

 Tim and Craig are making friends. Craig might even be able to help Tim out now and then with the windows. Tim decided to hire him as an apprentice. He's a lovely lad, isn't he? It's Tim's birthday, next and Sally bought him a children's magazine on dinosaurs. He was underwhelmed but I figured she had a surprise up her sleeve. Faye got her dad a proper book and we get an update on his reading, slowly but surely.

 The kids offer to do some work for Tim (but get paid, nevertheless) so they do Sally's conservatory but see something that they don't understand. Are Sally and Kevin canoodling? Looks like it to them. They've got the wrong end of the stick and alerted Tim but Kevin was only helping Sally with Tim's surprise party with the family! His real present is a beer brewing kit.

 Looks like that's the last we'll see of Hamish now that Michelle is more or less back with Steve. Michael is really excited, he's buying baby clothes and grandad tshirts. They haven't even said Steph is keeping it yet. Never mind, they're going to come clean and pretend it was just a scare, not a pregnancy after all. Better than saying it was a miscarraige I guess. In other Platt/McIntyre... whatever news, Michael has memorized all Gail's previous names but she's not anxious to make immediate plans, best wait to see how the operation goes. She's probably tired of wearing black, you see.

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