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Sunday Comments, February 1

I'm having PC trouble so the comments file i started writing isn't accessible at the moment. I did manage to write notes about the crash and aftermath, though so that's what you get for this week:

Liz makes Steve a doctor's appointment but when the bus driver doesn't show up, Steve snaps up the opportunity to drive to get out of it. You knew that was going to end badly. Everyone's excited and everyone is dressed to the nines. Tracy Barlow bags an empty seat because Beth begged and after all, Tracy is a former employee. Carla reckons she must be mad but allows it and Tracy, ever one to be up for a party in a posh country hotel, is pleased as punch. Carla's going to be glad she said yes.

I kept expecting them all to break into 99 bottles of beer on the wall and they probably would have if Beth had been there but she twisted her ankle and didn't get out the door in time. She'll have been pleased at that in the end. Because there's an idiot driving a sport car. They start taunting Steve by driving too close behind him and flashing their lights and Steve nearly puts the car off the road once when he is distracted by the idiot and nearly hits another car. All safe. Off onto a side country road that has no guard rail in spite of the fact that a mere few yards from the road is a cliff leading into a quarry.

That idiot is back, and buzzing around like an annoying fly and then zips out and around the bus, pulling in right in front of it and braking. Steve has to swerve to avoid hitting the car which then speeds up again and takes off. It all happens in seconds and most people don't really see exactly what happened. Steve loses control of the mini bus which then flips over a few times and ends up on the edge of the cliff!!!!!! Scary stuff and top marks to the stunt drivers (though, to be fair, i'm sure the stunt was one with cgi for the cliff. It was a combination of actual outdoor shooting, cgi, stunt work and in-studio bits inside the bus after the crash)

Steve was the first one conscious and he probably thought he was in hell with a bus full of dead people. He doesn't even try to see if anyone is in fact alive. He's completely shocked and in the state of mind he'd been in already, this has tipped him over the edge. HE manages to get out, crawling across the top of the bus which teeters and creaks. He just sits there, starting off into space. Little by little, people wake up and struggle with the enormity of what happened. Julie and Maddy keep their heads mostly and manage to help everyone else out of the bus. Sinead seems very badly hurt and she never does wake up. They have to take the chance and move her to get her out. There's barely a signal and Julie has trouble contacting emergency services, having managed to get Steve's phone. Steve is not really very responsive and gets up and walks into the nearby woods.

Michelle later goes off looking for Steve once she's out and realizes what happened. He's babbling in a heap and she doesn't know what's wrong with him. He doesn't either and he's in a terrible state. Finally she manages to lead him out when the police find them. Nobody is going to understand why he did that but there are more important things to worry about at the moment.

Where's Carla? Turns out she didn't get out and is trapped under a seat at the front of the bus. Tracy sees her and there's a great cliffhanger where we don't know if Tracy will let people know that she's there or whether she'll let the bus go over the edge with Carla. No, you didn't think she would do that, did you? Arch enemy or not, Tracy does get in and she won't let anyone else in with her because she knows the bus is about to topple. She gets Carla out but her boot gets caught. Tracy nearly goes down with the ship and I don't mind saying my heart was in my mouth! Great scenes in the ambulance. Tracy went with Carla and they were wry and circumspect about the irony but it was really good, and so typical of both of them.

Holy Crap! It was pretty exciting, wasn't it?

Everyone gets out alive, Sinead is the the most seriously injured. Steve rants to Michelle and none of what he says makes sense until later in the hospital, he finally admits to her that he's been diagnosed with depression. The penny drops. All his behaviour makes sense now. But of course, nobody else knows this!

Meanwhile back at the pub, there was a party going on. Jason and Gary head into town to celebrate because Gary's only got community service for his sentence, not jail. Beth and Chesney and the others are making a party out of the night, because, why not? Eileen, Dev, Tony, Beth, Ches and a few others have fun with pretend award ceremonies. All good fun until that phone rings and Kirk has told Beth about the accident. Odd that nobody else contacted their relatives before that. I don't believe none of them would try using Steve's phone even if they didn't have their own. We know Beth's phone was working at one point too.

Eventually they all converge on the hospital and one by one, they end up with their loved ones' arms around them. It was all so realistic, the post trauma shock and tears and reactions of everyone. Liz tells Amy that Steve was ok but she never said anything about her mother!

"Gavin" and Steph are regretting letting Michael know about the pretend pregnancy. Luke finds out and he's not impressed in the least. He doesn't approve of Gavin anyway.

Roy is busy with his community service but doesn't always have enough to do. He is pleased that Gary didn't get jailed but Anna is still pretty cold to him. Cow. Not at all willing yet to put the past behind them.

Lots of screen caps of the crash episodes here

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missusmac said...

The crash was so well done! I found it more gripping than the tram crash. I did laugh out loud when I saw Carla literally did not have a curled hair out of place when we finally spotted her! :)

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