Monday, 27 June 2011

The Children of the Street

There are a lot of child related story lines going on at the moment.  I am currently watching Monday's episode and we have touched upon:

1.  Ken Barlow's long lost son Lawrence together with mention of Lawrence having a son of his own.
2.  Kyle's son Max and how she stole him from the foster parents only to have to give him back but now this opens up for Becky to fill the childless hole in her heart to get him back.
3.  Ashley has become a single dad now that Claire has run for the safety of her mum's house.  Thankfully Graeme was there to make Joshua put his shoes on.
4. Aadi is coming home from the hospital hurray!
5.  The youngest Webster is still MIA.
6.  And the newest Webster is on his way....

1 comment:

Tvor said...

Gosh, i hadn't thought of that but you're right!

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