Monday, 20 June 2011

Corrie Canada weekly awards: June 13 - 17

Hen Night of the year:! Playing doctors and nurses and Samba night in the cafe and ROY -dear heavens! and oh my - can't Hayley dance!

Quietest Stag Night Ever: Gold Star: Roy's "stag night" was a far cry from Hayley's.

Sabotage award: Gold Star: Becky and Steve didn't get picked for adoption due to her half sister's nasty negative reference.

Are you new here? award: Gold Star: Nick saying to Natasha about moving in together "Are you sure I didn't push you into this?" (huh? who did all the chasing?)

Dumb Blonde award: Gold Star: Natasha shouldn't be using the exact same symptoms as Fiz. How can two of them both go off curry and Branston pickle?

Pants on Fire award: Gold Star: Kylie was telling porkies about her wonderful life.
Silver Star: Claire lied about leaving the kids with Sian and Sophie but Aadi could have got hurt no matter what.
Bronze Star: Sophie promised her mother no more lies. Umm...

Who peed in your cornflakes? award: Gold Star: Mary really is in a snit over the wedding, isn't she?

Ooh, Liz has her old curly look back! She and Janice must have gone to the same stylist. Did Audrey get a deal on perm rods?
Hayley in a cardi and the August!
Roy's Samba look - brilliant!

Lines of the Week:
David: "Since when has Nick done the right thing by anyone?" (got it in one)
Owen to Jason: "You obviously didn't inherit your mother's dynamic personality and rapier-like wit" (leftover from last week)
Rosie: "There is a God." Sophie: "That's what I've been trying to tell you!"
Eileen: "I got absolutely ratted and I would have left me on the doorstep and all!"
Eileen to Norris about Graeme: "He's a butcher, Norris, not the flippin' Pied Piper."
Fiz "You do not want to hit Canal Street sober. It's like seeing your Grandma naked!"
Kylie to Michelle: "Your perfume... what's it called? Past it?" and about Ciaran: "Nice guns (biceps), shame about the eyesight."
Mary to the hens: "I shall bid you good evening and leave you to your debauchery." (Jealous, much?)
Deirdre about Ken "I don't know why i didn't think of this years ago! Just not listening!"

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