Monday, 6 June 2011

Corrie weekly awards: May 30 - June 3

Oh Alfeh! award: Mayoral Star: Poor Audrey. Foolish she may have been but I did feel sorry for her.

Reinforcing the cliche award: Gold Star: Friday the 13th was pretty bad luck for a lot of people: Barlow's Bookies, Deirdre, Audrey, Natasha, Sophie and Sian.

Perfect musical accompaniement award: Gold Star: Did you hear Elvis singing Suspicious Minds at the going away party? ("We're Caught in a Trap...") Judging what was about to happen to a number of people, it was quite appropriate. Also, the day after the party, at the Barlow's, Deirdre had  "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" on before Ken changed it to something classical.

The walls have ears... and eyes award: Gold Star: Remember that kiss under under the watchful eye of the CCTV? That came back and bit Deirdre well and truly and landed a cake on her face.

Life in the slow lane award:
Dusty star: Kirk. He figures in 20 years when Chesney's a billionaire, he'll still be his mate. And nothing else.

Slave Driver award: Gold Star:
Carla must have cracked the whip over Owen's workers. I'm sure he said that factory would take six weeks to open and it's only been about two and a half.

Nose like an anteater award: Smelly star:
Julie snuffling out the sardine sarnies!

Bad Timing award: Gold Star:
Nick is very busy with the factory re-opening and Natasha is mithering him to help her make a business plan. And she wants Nick to help her with the financing which made him back off a mile. Can't she see he doesn't want to commit? forcing him to will only end in tears.

Lines of the Week:

Deirdre to Lewis "I'll never regret that kiss" (Oh yes you will!)
Lewis to Deirdre: "I'm sure I'm not the first love-struck fool to put you on the spot!" (well, my monitor *did* need cleaning!)
Gail to Natasha "I don't feel it's my place to interfere" (since when?)
Gail about David: "He can be very dynamic when he puts his mind to it." (Don't you mean demonic?)
Gail "Smoke the pipe of peace?" Audrey "As I ride into the sunset with the man of *her* dreams!"
Owen to Bill: "You kicked the bucket, Grandad!!" (Bill must be past it if he left a bucket on a board overhanging the road. Very dangerous!)
Natasha: "No one's ever had to chase me" (And that, dear, is your problem)
Dierdre "The one time something happens and I end up on the telly!"
David teasing Nick about Natasha: "Tip her the wink, she'll even go to the toilet for you!"
Peter to Ken about Lewis "If I ever get my hands on him, I'll give him a slap for you!"

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Tiddsmom said...

It was a good week for one liners and silly comments

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