Monday, 13 June 2011

Corrie weekly awards: June 6 - 10

Fashion award: Sian's ice cream shirt.

Just suck it up award: Whinging star: Peter. Isn't paying out a big win now and then all part of the business of being a bookie anyway?

Business Magnate award: Paper Star: Chesney has business cards. For a market stall.

Kicking a puppy award: Sad Star: Who's more downcast? Natasha or Audrey?

Oscar Wilde award: Cobbly star: Nick looking at the stars from the gutter.

Keys to the kingdom award: Iron star: Bill sold the yard to Owen and gave Jason his tools. The Coronation Street builder tradition moves on. Surely Bill is pensionable age by now? He can't be far off.

Reopening old wounds award: Gold Star: I truly don't think Leanne has feelings for Nick any more but he sure opened that old scab from the past, didn't he?

New hair-do award: Janice has curls, that's a new look for her!

You've been told award: Gold Star: New doctor laid down the law to Gail for telling Nick that Natasha was in with the Doctor.

Lines of the Week:
Ciaran to Sean: "I thought you were.. ummm," Sean: "Oh I am, but we all have our off days!"
Audrey: "He said I was his Helen of Troy. Turns out I was just his "stalking" horse."
Sophie: "When my mum's on one, she makes Gail Platt look like Courtney Flamin' Love!" (Ain't that the truth!)
Peter: "Apparently gullibility's not a crime, neither is lust." Deirdre: "Did you get that line off yer dad or did you make it up?"
Leanne to Nick "Who the hell do you think you are?!"
David: "It's like the Thriller video in here!" (*snort*)
Audrey to Peter: "You should listen to your father, poor sap that he is..."
Natasha: "I'm not mad, just desperate." (Indeed.)
Ken: "Is this our future, Deirdre? TV dinner with a side order of resentment? A diet like that could kill us."
John "I will never lie to you again" (and he said it with a straight face, too!)
Fiz: "And nothing is going to go wrong for us again." (aggghhh! Phrase of Doom!)
Steve "If we go in 10 minutes we're going to be 2 hours early!

And the infamous Renshaw twins... finally captured on camera.

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