Monday, 27 June 2011

Corrie weekly awards: June 20 - 25 (Canadian timeline)

How d'ya like me now, ma? award: Sally's face when Kevin told her it was true about Sophie and Sian. Rosie's, too, but Rosie was a little too supportive, giving her money to run away with.

Vindictive Award: Gold Star: Dev on a vendetta against Claire when it wasn't her fault.
Silver Star: And Sally Webster is a pro at firing shots across the Peacock bow and all.

Fashion statement: Rita's flowered jacket was a very bold statement.

Quietest Stag Night Ever: Gold Star: Roy's "stag night" was a far cry from Hayley's.

Sourpuss award: Gold Star: Sally had reason to be sour at the wedding or at least she thinks she does. What was Norris' excuse?

Pants on fire award: How many more lies can Natasha tell before she gets found out? Fiz already knows her secret. Kylie swears she had nothing to do with Steve's bike going missing but she's splitting the procedes of the sale through a dodgy mate.

Lines of the Week:
Roy on what to do on the night before his wedding: "I thought a period of quiet contemplation ..." (doh)
Deirdre about Ken: "I don't know why I didn't think of this years ago... just not listen!"
Hayley: "Before I met Roy, I thought a good man were like a unicorn." Becky: "White hair, big horn!"
Roy to Hayley: "I will remain standing beside you. That will not change."
Sally about lesbianism: "There are no dungarees in this 'ouse!" (And she didn't know about Sophie yet.)
Natasha: "Any day now, I could get pregnant."

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