Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Corrie Comments, June 19

Becky and Steve were turned down for adoption. There was a nice little moment with Liz and Becky, with Becky and Amy and even, Becky and Steve stuff. They really wrote this and handled it well i thought. In the end it really was very little to do with Becky's crafty fag. Turns out that her half sister Kylie tore Becky's reputation apart. I bet it was out of spite, too. How did they even find her? And Becky and Kylie get a family reunion. Typical, and it looks like Kylie is cut from the same cloth as Becky, it was all bashing, throwing things, and finally making a bit of peace.

What i don't understand is... if Kylie was just "squatting" or temporarily staying where Becky found her, how did the Social Services find her? Because she told Becky a pack of lies about that big house where she'd only cleaned for the guy for awhile. Hmm Kylie has a secret... why am I not surprised. And what's the secret? She's got a little boy who's in foster care and says they won't give him back. Um... because you don't have a home? We did initially meet you squatting in someone's house and Becky took you in because you had no place to go! No home, no job, no other support

Gotta say, though, the actress Paula Lane is great and i like her already! I'm not entirely sure i trust Kylie, though. This should be interesting. She ruffled Michelle's feathers by flirting with Ciaran but Michelle hasn't said Yes to Ciaran either. Feeling possessive, are we? Still, Kylie caused Michelle to thump Becky when she ducked out of harm's way and Michelle got sacked and Ciaran quit in sympathy. Oops. But didn't Kylie look smug at the trouble she caused! I think we're going to be in for a bumpy ride!

Chesney is smitten! You know, I'm starting to think Sally's right. I think Sian is a bad influence or at least one that is quite willing to buck the authorities and put a crack in Sophie's good girl exterior. That isn't always a bad thing but it's not always a good thing either. 

A mouse in the house, poor Emily and Norris was very rude and dismissive about Emily's phobia. There are better things to be concerned about, Norris has found a letter behind the skirting board and is fizzy with curiosity. Ken is too, his first love wanted to reconcile and he never knew. Now he's got to track her down. What will he find, i wonder and will Deirdre even care?

Funny stuff: Becky, Steve and Liz hastily putting their cigs out and spraying room freshener. Like that would really disguise it. Sophie gets a B... in religious studies of all things! Mary stalking the hen party from the shady confines of the motor home. Not that subtle and they didn't notice?

Sophie had four... no five kids to mind when Claire had to leave in an emergency. Poor Aadi fell over and knocked his head. It didn't seem that bad, he only fell two feet and couldn't have hit the table or the carpet covered floor that hard yet he's rushed to hospital with a head injury. Sophie only left the boys for a minute and accidents happen but she didn't know it did. Ah but Claire discovered that she and Sian are a couple!

Aadi must be the first kid that didn't complain that he didn't feel well so he could get out of school! Now he's got a haemorrage on his brain, poor lad! I don't get why everyone is in an uproar. He's a little boy, they get tumbles and bangs on the head and bruises all the time. They don't always tell Mum and Dad what happened and let's face it, there were 4 or 5 kids playing in the house that night. I am surprised Aadi didn't tell them he fell off the sofa.  But the powers that be are determined that someone hurt Aadi and Dev is just as determined that, since he knows it wasn't he or Sunita, it must have been Claire and he'll drag up all of her past problems to do it.

Unfortunately the worst thing about this lame story is the lame acting from Jimmi Harkishin. He's not really got a lot of emotional range does he?

Natasha ends up at the pre-natal class with Fiz and John... and the doctor that knows she's not pregnant! And an over enthusiastic Nick by her side. She's borrowing symptoms from Fiz and she stole the ultrasound scan! Eileen was bladdered on her date with Owen. I don't think that's the best way forward on a first date! Eileen didn't get to buy Tyrone and Molly's house and now her landlord is selling up (and in case you all forgot, Steve had to sell Number 11 to help pay for that big wedding Karen wanted). Stop and think about it. She was already approved for a mortgage to buy Number 9, why couldn't she buy her own? Yep, that's it. And get a second job doing Owen's books.

It's the countdown to the big wedding. Mary's still trying to "help" but she's getting very passive aggressive, hanging around and muttering and sighing. She makes a nuisance of herself but then makes a martyr of herself when she's invited to the hen night after all. Suit yourself! I half expected her to be peering through the windows, nose pressed up against the glass! To be fair, she knew that Hayley only asked her because she felt guilty but who made her feel guilty? Miss Mary Martyr.

Wasn't the hen night a blast?? All that salsa training has certainly paid off and wow, that was the best tango since Mavis trod the boards on the QEII! And Roy done up like a Spanish Waiter with a little tache and all!  Wonderful stuff! Roy's "stag" was low key but he wouldn't have been happy with anything else.

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