Friday, 27 September 2013

Corrie's Karl caught: What did you think?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2013.)

So what did we all think of the climax to Karl's story? The build up to last night's denouement seems to have been going on for months, but finally Karl Munro has been banged to rights for torching the Rovers.

Well for starters, John Michie has played a blinder as Karl. To be honest I think he has really carried this and put in some sterling performances. I'm quite sad to see him go - he's a terrific actor and his character could have been one to stay around and grow in Weatherfield long term. A bit of a shame he had to go down the liar murderer route, but that's modern soap for you.

Kudos also to Ryan Thomas as Jason. This character has really come on leaps and bounds in recent years and it was good to see him play a major part in the climax of this storyline. However, as usual, the Weatherfield Constabulary were made to look both thick and slow. In fact, the whole pace of the two episodes really dragged for me. I was really wishing old Dev would just get on with it. 

Jimmi Harkishin was given plenty of opportunity to show what he was made of during the showdown scenes with Karl as he avenged Sunita's death. The writing and directing were pretty good, however poor Dev spent most of the time looking severely constipated bless him. I wonder what's next for Dev? I guess Ken is still away in Canada...

I hope old Gloria is forced to shove a large slice of humble pie down her annoying gob. She pushed Karl and Stella together for months, thinking she knew best. Even at the climax of last night's episodes she was still berating poor Jason. She needs to smarten up her act, that one. 

Michelle Collins put in a decent performance as Stella. I just struggle to believe that it would take this long for the truth to dawn on her. However, on past form, maybe it's not that surprising. Now Karl has gone, what will they do with Stella for the remainder of her time on the show?

The highlight for me was Gail's culinary efforts at the wedding reception - I'm sure if Lorraine Pascale was watching last night she'd have made a beeline for her freezer to make sure there were no frozen pizzas to be found.

So what did you think of Corrie last night as the net finally closed in on crazed Karl?

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