Saturday, 28 September 2013

Karl's Nicked

It was a long week, taking place over a day and a bit and it culminated in the finish of a storyline that started back in March when Karl Munro made a last ditch effort to get Stella back by torching the pub, hoping Jason would be blamed. He ducked and dived, played it cool, but all the while walking on eggshells, hoping it would just all go away. Well it didn't. It never does in soapland and the house of cards came down this week when Craig confessed that he thought *he* had caused the fire. He was the last piece of the puzzle that Jason and Dev had begun to solve, putting Karl in the right place at the right time.

And so it goes. More about the story and how I felt about it here.

The next big storyline to move to the next level will have to be the Platt/Tilsley story. Almost everyone knows about the possibility that Lily Platt may be Nick's child except Leanne who is completely in the dark aside from a suspicion that Nick was with someone on Christmas night. Not everyone knows that everyone else knows. Nick will survive. Nick will emerge from the coma. Will he remember?  I have enjoyed this storyline but it's time for it to wind down, or at least change direction. The truth is out there and once everyone knows, we'll move forward into a new direction.

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