Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bubbilicious Steph

I haven't been quite sure what to make of Steph, Katy's friend and now, it seems, Sophie's  as well. But after seeing last night's episodes, in addition to a few similar over the past few appearances, I've realised we have a worthy successor to the bubble-head young woman character.

Those daft young women that have always been on Coronation Street from the start, like the Barm Cake Girls, Doreen and Sheila and later, daft young things Gail and Tricia. In the 1990s we had Raquel and Maxine and later, there was Candice and Rosie. Now we have the newest in that long line, Steph.

Last night, she was in the corner shop chatting to Sophie and buying chewing gum, saying that Stella didn't like her chewing it in the Bistro. Sophie pointed out it was a bit tacky and it might be better to chew with your mouth closed. Steph looked baffled and wondered "How would you breath?" HA! That cracked me up! I thought "what a bubble head" (pun intended!)

She went on to explain that you would have more trouble talking. At first I thought she meant that she wouldn't be able to breathe and talk at the same time but what she was getting at was the chewing gum, easily swallowed if you started to laugh or gasp or, you might accidentally spit it out on someone!

The other week, Steph thought hemlock might be on the Bistro menu and wasn't sure what a shilling was. Steph is great! She's happy and joyfully daft, not gobby at all and out for fun. I hope we get to see more sides of her.

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