Monday, 3 February 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Jan. 27 - 31

We be jammin' award: wonderful stuff, Emily vs Carla!

Gwok thingy award:
Eva really thinks Jason can help her pick out the perfect outfit for the birthday party?

Butterfly net award: Todd was snide to Marcus at the bus stop but it sailed right over Maria's pretty little head. Eva's too.

Got your number award: I'm pretty sure Eileen knows very well that Todd is causing trouble with Marcus. and he admitted it. "Sean's not a challenge". There it is, right there. Slimy Git!!

Deja Vu award: Dev used the same complimentary line on Stella that Kal used on Liz.

True friends award: Hayley wanted her hair done. The whole salon was determined to give her a full, free makeover

Weather fail: Hayley was on the street in her wheely. The passing car lights clearly showed it was raining, you could hear the water in puddles, but nobody seemed to be getting wet stood outside the pub.

Eagle Ears award: Hayley thinks you can hear the trains at Picadilly station in Weatherfield when it's quiet. Trust me, if Weatherfield is Salford, you can't hear the trains at Picadilly. Victoria station, possibly.

Puddle duck award: There is no way that taxi was going fast enough to splash a puddle six feet high over Dev and Stella.

Lines of the Week: Dev to Nick "Looking good, Mr. T" Nick "if a sweaty bloke floats your boat!"
Eva about Marcus "He's straight" Todd "So's spaghetti til you boil it"
Leanne "You can't have rainbows without a bit of rain"
Hayley to Roy "You'd make an absolutely rubbish spy"
Emily "It isn't a competition, Mary" Mary "And yet you have elbowed me in the ribcage four times!"
Izzy "My condition is no bearing on whether we jump into bed with a gangster"
Stella about Leanne "she's just having a hard time at home" Nick "Which I fully understand, because I can't stand living with me either"
Stella "I look good in black" (yes she seems to be less beige these days but still not colourful)
Katy about Anna "Sometimes she sets the bar low"
Dev "this is NOT a date!!" (you're acting like it is)
Tracy "And who are you? Ps and Qs police?"
Hayley to Tracy "Your mother's ashamed of you. Your daughter barely knows you. Your own kidney would reject you if it could but here you are still buzzing around like the queen bee passing judgement."
Hayley "I'm embracing my inner cow today"

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