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Sunday Comments - February 16

Grief surrounds Roy, Carla and Fiz and Fiz keeps going over the last time she saw Hayley. More and more she's convinced Hayley was saying goodbye but when she asks Carla and Anna, they can't look her in the eye. She finally confronts Roy and pushes until he admits the truth. Then Fiz can't handle the truth and she's fiercely sure she could have stopped her! Roy's feeling guilty but also very angry and resentful that Hayley left before he was ready. Hayley said goodbye to her loved ones but they didn't know it and didn't get to say their own goodbyes. Fiz might be making it about her but it's another extension of the grief.

Fiz doesn't understand. She's all but lost her mother and thinks she could have prevented it and she thinks Anna allowed it to happen as much as Roy did. Now she's got to keep the secret, too or Roy gets in trouble. Carla's right, what good would it do now it's over? Fiz feels betrayed that Hayley couldn't tell her. So much pain. Nice scene with Carla trying to help her get her head around it. I guess it worked because Fiz apologized to Roy and got more of an explanation and she's seemingly coming around to understanding while Roy is struggling. A lot.

So now Fiz is helping Roy with Hayley's list for the funeral. You'd think he would be glad of something to help keep him organized but under the circumstances, brushing the shine on and off his shoes is as much as he can muster, stopped in his tracks by the discovery of Hayley's Memory book which he couldn't even look at and gave to Fiz. I think it must have been an uphill struggle for the Humanist Susie to deal with Roy who was difficult. Probably a good thing that Fiz was there. But Roy has no intention of attending the funeral. Now what do we do?

The day of the funeral arrives and Roy still plans to swerve it. Fiz did the right thing bringing the memory book back, it seems to have made the impression on Roy it was meant to have. He did get more and more upset looking at all the photos but it worked, along with a dose of badgering from Carla who would brook no other course. But did you notice, he still couldn't be without his trademark satchel!

Everyone of the neighbours turned out to say goodbye to Hayley in their way and honoured her wishes for bright clothing. Mary even turned up in her Spanish dress to reflect Hayley's love of salsa dance. And why not!? Tim wore a bright green football shirt, much to Sally's horror. I confess it did take me aback somewhat. The flowered coffin with rope handles, alone in the hearse without any floral tribute certainly made an impression and I loved Norris' horrified remark about flatpack furniture! I caught a glance at Dev, he was wearing white, which is traditional Hindu mourning. Nice touch. If Hayley's going to be "green" with a cardboard coffin, why a brass plate on it that will last forever?

Elsewhere, Michelle is shrieking at Steve for not calling a caterer but I kind of believe him when he says she told him she'd do it. He didn't have his usual shifty look like he does when he's lying and she finally did admit it later on. Then Steve did forget to get sandwich fillings! It was Nick's Bistro to the rescue there. Laughed at Steve unable to resist trying to juggle the food but why did Michelle pick it up off the floor and put it back on the plate!!!!!

Sally is squabbling about being a pall bearer, not because she was doing it but because she was at the back! Only proper Fiz and Carla lead the way but I was warmed to see that Sean was one of them. It didn't seem like Beth would be one but if you were choosing from the factory girls, the only other one of the stitchers was Eva and you wouldn't see that, would you! I think it would have been better, though, to have Chesney rather than Beth.

Elizabeth Fry's poem, the one Carla read, is always lovely. It was also read at Alma's funeral by Audrey. Kind of nice since it was Alma that introduced Roy to Hayley. I wonder if the writers remembered that point. Susie's service was really nice. You could see Roy's resentment building but I think Susie's words and those that Fiz managed may have made him realize the impact Hayley had on so many people's lives How being herself was what she was about. It seems to have allowed him to let go of some of the anger. He made a beautiful speech, just as he did at their wedding and he wanted them to see what she meant to him.

I like that it was Tyrone that stayed with Roy afterwards and I liked that Mary pulled Roy away from the fray and made an attempt, in her own way, of distracting him. Norris noticed, too. It was nice that Norris realized he was being a bit too offhanded with her. She's upset and shows it in different ways that others and his dancing with her out in the back was a nice gesture.

Funeral music. Don't Stop Me Now by Queen? I guess that's appropriate considering she wouldn't let Roy talk her out of taking her own life. But she touched Roy's heart with a Bach violin concerto because he thought it was the perfect duet. Just like them. "Close to You" as a singsong at the wake was heartbreaking. Nice, but just that little bit too much for Roy I think. He's gone walkabout!

I wonder why it took Beth more than two weeks to ask at the pub for a job when Tina left almost that long ago. Why is it so difficult for Beth to figure out a recipe? Surely it can't be so hard. Loved that Deirdre offered her stuffed marrow recipe! You can tell that Tracy must still be Beth's friend otherwise she'd have let her make it! And isn't Craig getting tall! Beth ended up using everything in the fridge including yogurt and Branston Pickle alotgether. The tomato soup thing would probably have been better! Well she's going to try to get her job back and as per usual, she gets it back with a warning. Cheeky madam, I'm sorry about your loss and can I have my job back? Well, it wasn't exactly like that but Carla knew what Beth was doing expressing her condolences to her. And I wonder if Beth is going to remember proposing to Kirk after the funeral? She passed out before hearing him say Yes!

Looks like we must be in for some sort of Bad Mommy storyline. I don't think Tracy feels guilty that she's not a better mother, she just doesn't like to be shown up by Michelle. But she's the one that wanted Amy out of the way so she could stay over with Rob. I guess now he's moved into Number 1, she could have Amy back and Happy Family appearances could be resumed. Laughed at Deirdre pointing out to Tracy that she's never been a very sympathetic mother when Tracy whined that Deirdre wasn't on her side like a good mother should be! Tracy ended up having to bribe Amy with a new game to come home!

Has Tracy actually turned over a new leaf, making all this effort to get closer to Amy? I can't imagine it could happen that easily overnight practically. Amy wasn't sick enough for it to be a real wakeup call though I do agree with Deirdre, Tracy still would pick her daughter over a man when push comes to shove. She's just got a funny way of showing her love. Gave Rob pause for thought, though, and he ended up joining the girls' night in with princess movies.

It didn't take Sophie long to figure out it was Maddy that smacked Tim. Now let's see what she makes out of it! I'm not so sure Maddy's flirting with Sophie is for real. It feels like she's doing it to get out of a jam. Sally is acting like Tim's the big hero, going on about a bruise that barely shows and Tim knows Sophie knows now, as well. Well it won't be long before Sophie outs Tim but Sophie still wants to protect Maddy too. Mentioning lauding Tim's bravery in the paper has put ideas is Sally's head. This is not going to end well.

So is Maddy telling the truth that it's her mother that needs the money worse than her? Turns out she's got a mother with mental health issues and a little brother. Sophie, working on her newsletter article, didn't fool the woman in the shelter who could see right through her. She was trying to dig for more info on Maddy who showed up, bruised. Sophie's interest was winning Maddy over but her interference is making Maddy hugely defensive. And why on earth, in the middle of a big argument, would Maddy kiss Sophie! That felt so contrived! When is Steph Sophie's new BFF anyway?

Nick is now really getting on my last nerve, sloping around the house all surly and cantankerous and snapping everyone's head off. Looks like the eggshell carpet is back out of the attic at Platt Towers. Buddy, you made your bed, you lie it it. At this rate, Gail's going to find it very difficult to keep on supporting him. He's actually acting like a cranky teenage David. Leanne knows how to sort him out. Piling on the work to force him to do some work at home? So when does he do it? when it's quiet at night? Of course not, he does the paperwork in the morning when everyone's getting ready to go to work/school and it's utter chaos.

And while we're at it, as everyone else is pointing out, if Nick's too volatile to live with Simon, why is it ok for him to be around Max and a baby? Nick can't even stay in the same room or pub as Leanne these days. ButLeanne realized how much all that chaos gets on top of him and insisted he move back to the flat and she and Simon will move into Number 13 with ...let's count... Stella, Gloria and Eva so that's five in another two bedroom house that doesn't have a front bedroom done up downstairs like they do in Number 11 and 1. And Gail? She's getting creepier with her hovering over Nick. Blaming Leanne for making Nick abandon his mother by moving back to the flat???

Dev and Kal are apparently going in together and opening a gym. It wasn't that long ago that Dev was barely able to keep from bankruptcy court. I guess business in that little corner shop, and the rent from the posh flat are doing wonders and he must be selling kebabs to all of Weatherfield! Not quite sure Dev is the image they want but he loves to be center of attention except he does realize he would be spreading himself too thin. Maybe being just an investor might be wise. I did laugh at Tim saying the wrong thing when Sally suggested she could get fitter. Leanne spewed off the correct missive at Sean's suggestion like a pro. Leanne 1, Tim 0.

I like Kal so far. I think Stella does too but I can see the way Kal looks at Leanne and I think that's where his interest lies. I guess it's that thing where the woman is in turmoil and vulnerable and the man wants to protect her and make it better? At this point, I think they might even make a nice couple.

Meanwhile, Dev might fancy Stella but he's not very good at flattering her is he? Where's that old Devster charm?

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