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Sunday Comments February 2

Happy Birthday, Todd! He's dejected at how low his life has sunk. Not even anyone he knew in London remembered his birthday? If he treated them like he treated Jules and Alex, why would they? What's a boy to do? Stir a little trouble maybe? He was snide to Marcus at the bus stop, though it sailed right over Maria's head. He sure doesn't think Marcus is going to hold fast to the straight side of the street and it looks like he's going to make sure of it.

He made a point of stripping to change his shirt right beside Marcus but did you see that Eileen seemed to notice and I don't think she approved. Plus, Todd is most definitely making the moves on Marcus and again, Eileen caught him and his way of "backing Marcus up" and agreeing that he made the first move not Marcus was half hearted and could be taken as glossing over the facts. I think Eileen has his number, though. Marcus managed to get out of the night on the town with everyone.

Sean bought a 100 pound shirt for Todd! Very clearly they can all now tell that Sean fancies Todd and all the girls are behind it. After the party, Sean was delighted to have some private face time with Todd and more or less bared his soul and feelings. That left the door open for Todd to let him down though at least he did it gently. Aww poor Sean. and Todd admitted it, Sean isn't a challenge. Marcus is. It's not about unrequited love or fancying someone is it? It's about the challenge of turning Marcus away from Maria.  

Julie's still wobbling but putting a brave face on it. Tony's late for the party and Eileen's worried Tony is going to end up hurting Jason again. Tony has changed his ways over one missed phone call? I'm as skeptical as Eileen. I do like that Jason is protective of her and he's wary of his father. Probably best even if Tony turns out to be sincere. Instead of hanging out with the younger crowd, Tony ended up feeling sorry for himself in the pub where Liz soothes his feelings. 

Eva sure threw a monkeywrench into things, worrying about what to wear and insulting Jenna along the way with her comment about Jenna's  functional unfeminine clothes. Well she works in a cafe, she's not going to look like she's on the runway is she? Eileen is still sure Tony is up to something and Jason is not feeling warm and fuzzy either. Eileen knows, no matter what Todd protests, that he's playing games with Marcus. He took the opportunity to apologize to Marcus but it was still a pointed one. Todd is very good at hitting the nail on the head, implying that the main attraction for Marcus was having the whole family, not just Maria. He's right and he knows it.
Maria and Marcus are excited, they have a house in mind and a good chance of getting it but Todd's over the shoulder looks at Marcus seem to be having the intended effect. They've put an offer in but it was too low and they didn't get it.

I think Hayley is spending a lot more time in bed these days. Now it's time for a wheelchair if she wants to go out. It'll save her strength but it didn't sit well with her (see what i did there?) Hayley is allowing her medication to be increased. And she is still keeping her pain from Roy who feels guilty. It's clear she's struggling. 

Roy's still feeding her strawberries and she really probably only wanted them the once. Still, his heart's in the right place and Kirk and Tyrone returned home with 500 boxes of strawberries. Talk about overkill!  So what if the supplier was going to freeze the lot. I can see why they had to take them all. Again, storyline dictated so there could be the Great Jam Off in the cafe I guess. It was Emily vs Carla vs Mary. There might have been carnage! But thanks to Hayley the Diplomat, there wasn't, even if Mary's jam had a kick.

The last of this week's episodes shows Hayley weak and fractious. And then she decided she had to have her hair done. It's for her own peace of mind. So she insists on going out to the salon, waiting until Roy is out of the way because he'd object. Everyone in the salon are determined that she get the full meal deal, too. Roy was horrified but found her surrounded by friends and smiling.

Hayley's fears seem to be true. She started having nightmares about childhood, Harold, fears and confusion. She's giving Roy panic attacks by choosing her funeral clothes and telling him it won't be long now. And why on earth would Roy leave the wheelchair down in the salon in the way? He could carry it downstairs if she wants to use it and she does. She's decided she wants to say her goodbyes.

And boy her final words to Tracy were wonderfully bitchy! She's had the chance to see Chesney and Sinead, then Carla who managed to keep up well but she knew there was something. She knew it might be the last time she saw Hayley. Roy knows her time is very soon over. And she told him. Tomorrow. 

The builder storyline is starting to ramp up. Owen is tempted, you can tell. Gary doesn't think it's such a good idea. Phelan thinks Owen could end up with about 200,000 at the end of it all. It's a nice amount but not spectacular. Why is Phelan so keen on Owen doing the job? There must be an agenda there somewhere. Anna isn't trusting the deal. I think Owen is overestimating the profits. The future of two families is at stake? with only a profit in his pocked of 200K? I'm dubious. So if Anna says ok, it's ok, have a go. 

80 thousand is a lot of money. Owen got bad news from the bank. They weren't going for the plan. Too risky. Anna's not sad. The deal is off, at least at the moment. Except Gary went to Pat behind Owen's back to get an extension. Gary doesn't see the problem paying double the interest. I wonder if the loan shark heavies come along with that. I know it's a good deal, they'll make money but they won't be millionaires out of it either.

Anna's worried sick that Owen is going to get in over his head with the project but Katy think her father should go for it. Gary reckons he will have Owen's back but what on earth would he be able to do? Katy sees it from a more naive point of view but perhaps Anna is overly skeptical. Should Owen take the chance? You never know, do you. Well he did, so we're off.  Anna's worried but she'll support him. Owen is probably right. This job might not make his fortune but it will up his company's profile and it will gain him in the long run.

At least Owen doubled his interest in the project to 20%. I hope everything is in writing and double checked. That wife of Phelan's is a bit of a nightmare.

Nick's sticking with his workout routines but it looks very much like Dev was a one hit wonder. He can find lots of excuses, can't he? Nick and Leanne appear to be walking on eggshells. She's worried about him losing his temper but he knows she's watching him and that doesn't help any. He knows everyone's watching him.

Simon wants to come home and can't understand why not. It seems to him that Nick is much better but there's other issues. Leanne is really under pressure. So is Nick. Stella wants to defend her chick, wants her to be happy and can clearly see she isn't. Gloria and Eva looking glum in the pub with her isn't really going to cheer her up. Eva's solution? fix her hair. Nick's solution is that he should leave Leanne, which is what Stella thinks, too but it seemed like Nick more or less put her on the spot to agree with him and it makes it sound like Stella was interfering.

Leanne and Nick are still arguing and she's still narked at her mother. Can't blame her. From her point of view, Stella interfered and that's Nick's fault. Kal cheered her up but going back to the Bistro put Stella back in a mood with everyone else's accusations and that sent her to the shop to accept Dev's date after all. That made Dev panic. Quite funny actually, seeing him half shaven and in a tizzy.

Maybe a holiday is just what Nick and Leanne need.

Dev has an invite to a Retailers' do. I think he's about to ask Stella to go with him. He might have if Kal hadn't teased him. He is even getting back to his workouts now Stella said she noticed a difference. Dev thinks that by making an appearance at the ball, he's showing people that life goes on. It's a fancy occasion, it's awkward to go alone and he doesn't think it's appropriate to ask Stella. In the meantime, Kal wants to open a local, small gym. Dev really wasn't listening and talked himself into asking Stella to the ball after all and got rejected.

It was satisfying seeing the cab feud with Tracy and Rob. Steve is the wrong person to to put in the middle of an argument with Tracy. She'll lose every time. I can't believe it took Tracy and Rob so long to get a cab that they got drenched. I'd have taken the bus if it was going to be a wait like that but then Tracy wouldn't be caught dead i suppose. She didn't really dress for the occasion like Stella did, either. 

Dev and Stella had a good time after all but Tracy found Stella's coat check token and walkd off wearing Stella's little fur thingy.  And there's no way that car was going fast enough to splash a puddle that high over Stella and Dev.

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