Monday, 10 February 2014

Character Study: Nicholas John Tilsley

Amidst all the JulieHes-Hayley-doration this past week (and rightly so), there have been little scenes leading up to what seems to be the portent of doom for Leanne and Nick's marraige. Nick has been pushing Leanne away out of love, he doesn't want to hurt her and knows she's been under a lot of strain due to him. She was hit hard by Hayley's death and he tried to pamper her but when he moved in for more, she pushed him away. Ultimately he realized they couldn't go on that way.

I thought maybe it was a good time to explore Nick's past in a character study which you can read over here.

Nick featured in one of the first storylines I remember when I started watching Corrie in 1989. Brian Tilsley was just killed and little Nicky made his way to his dad's garage (which wasn't on Coronation Street at the time) to look for him. The lad working with Kevin whose father, Mr. Casey, had bought the garage from Gail, was the one that brought him back home, poor mite.

What has been your favourite Nick moment or storyline over the years?

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