Monday, 24 February 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Feb 17 - 21

Phrase of Doom award: Maria "With me and Marcus it's all about trust" (cue the doom music) Carla to Michelle "If he was having an affair, you'd be the last to know"

Enemy Mine award: Norris. Between the overdue bills and the gossip mongering, it's no wonder he's not got friends, only a few people that tolerate him.

Airhead award: In the great tradition of airheads like Candice Stowe and Rosie Webster, Ladies and Gentlemen, I offer you...Steph! If she can't chew with her mouth open, how is she supposed to breathe! LOL!

Speechless award:
Norris! Rob certainly wiped that smugness out of him by paying the paper bill with pennies and those vague threats of GBH certainly put the icing on the cake. 

Ring of Truth award: Tracy can hear that little bit of honesty in Norris' gossip about Rob. She tried to believe Rob's lies but the jig was up. She also heard it in Tina's words about not letting Rob go over such a minor incident.

Hard Truth award: Mary pointed out Norris' good points but also his bad ones in brutal honesty.

Continuity fluff up: Maddie sent Sophie a text, and Sophie recognized the number. Later, Maddie borrowed Sophie's phone to call about her brother, not saying her own phone was missing, left behind or out of top-up. Owen said the money was transferred yesterday, just didn't show up online. But he had been on to the bank by phone several times during the day. Why didn't they say the money was there and not online then? 

Pretentious award:
Ritchie the "rock star" wearing sunglasses indoors.

Den of Iniquity award: The Bistro. I don't know about iniquity but there's constant fighting and shouting.

Sophisticate Award: Deirdre loves pork scratchings with her wine. Who needs cheese?

Lines of the week:

Sally "I'm a thinker. So many thoughts running round in me head, it's like a curse"
Rita to Norris "You're making enemies" Norris "Occupational hazard" (no, it's a Norris hazard)
Rob "Why pick a fight?" Tracy "I *like* a fight!"
Tracy to Tina in Peter's earshot "I didn't think you'd sink so low as to chase after somebody else's bloke" (cough)
Mary "You can be the most small minded, despicable busybody. Forever sticking your nose in where it's not wanted and you delight in causing upset and distress whenever you can"  and "It is a very foolish man that will risk the wrath of Tracy Barlow and you, my friend, have stirred up a hornet's nest"
Deirdre after Tracy describes the other woman as someone that hates her guts "That narrows it down"
Owen "I should have followed my instincts" (and you're going to pay for it)
Sophie "Burly? Not girly?" (and you've been outed!)
Michelle "Pleading guilty never got anybody off"
Tracy "I don't let bygones be bygones"
Michelle to Steve: "You have never found me funny!" (Nothing funny about you, that's why)
Michelle "Sex is one thing but he actually likes her!"

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Anonymous said...
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Tvor said...

To the last commenter.... I agree Mary has been written very well lately, back to the old quirky Mary. I've deleted your comment du to the spoiler you mentioned as we are a spoiler free zone here as much as we can be. Thanks for posting though!

Tam Shan said...

I think Mary really showed her friendship for 'kooky Norris' by mentioning not only his good points but outlining perfectly his imperfections. For me, someone that is able to see all of me _positive and negative_ shows they are paying attention and listening to me. They aren't just tolerating me for my positives rather they are accepting me as a whole person. That,to me, is a good basis for friendship. Norris is so myopic his knee-jerk reaction to Mary's assessment of him may cause him to take offense, which would be "too bad so sad" for him, (since he doesn't have a long line of folks wanting to be his friend. Norris isn't all bad or petty, he is the result of the treatment he has received _(unfairly_?)in life. He's been bullied all of his life so he gets his punches in where he can (being mean or rude to others; getting mixed up in Rob and Tracey's affair) and scurries away before gets his head caved in for his pettiness. He and Mary should evolve into a couple, now that would be funny ;-)
Cheers !

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