Sunday, 14 September 2014

State of the Street - August

Yes, I know this is late. We're nearly half way into September but I was on my holidays last week and am only getting caught up with Corrie now.

August on Coronation Street was busy. Ken returned to a new crusade, to prove his son's innocence but his son was more intent on self destruction at the hands of Jim McDonald and his rotgut booze (quite literally). It's good to see Jim back, mind you, if only temporarily. This is all going to lead to the outing of Rob as Tina's killer, somehow, at some point because it has to.

Beth and Kirk are going to get married, Yay. Tracy is irritating Michelle to the eyeballs planning her wedding. Boo. And Tyrone has become Todd's latest victim.

More here on State of the Street.

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