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Sunday Comments September 28

And the Rovers Cricketers seemed to start off pretty well even if they weren't winning. At the tea break, they all seemed to be in good spirits. Steve got sucked into a bet with Dean and the hotpot recipe is up for grabs. But back in play, once Leanne arrived, Zeedan was too distracted. Gary knew exactly what was bothering him. That kid has a lot of resentment. His father was away a lot and he misses his mum and Leanne is not the ideal woman in his eyes. Everyone seems distracted in the second part of the game. Rob saved the day at the last minute. Didn't play all day but was allowed to bat. Steve wasn't happy with the win, though, due to all the aggro.

Zeedan pointed out an error in the match and Leanne has video evidence that proved it but he still isn't inclined to accept her. And it's her, not any woman. Kal wants to stick with it and Leanne isn't about to back down. But realistically, will it work?

Michael is now untagged. But his words about having nobody he loved come to see him hit home with Steve. Steve has decided to go see him. For everything Jim has done, he's still Steve's dad. Come Monday, Steve has arrived and Jim is tickled pink and makes sure to comment on how important family is, when he's mentioning how Peter went a bit mad. Get the point, Steve?

The medication is doing wonders for Max but she's still struggling with a teething baby, a busy job, an 8 year old and life in general. She's jealous of other people's kids that seem far better behaved and of other mother's that seem to be coping better than she is. Her guilt, the pressure, it all mounts up. David can't understand but he does know that Kylie doesn't think she's good enough. She's having more and more trouble coping. Kylie's heading for an off-rail rampage, I think.

Kylie's now far beyond her exhaustion point. And there you are, she must have decided if the pills help Max calm down they'll help her cope. It seems to have done the trick though I'm not sure ADHD medication works in the same way on an adult that doesn't actually have the condition. If she's having that much anxiety, she needs to go to the doctor to get medication that's right for her. She confessed to Eva who is horrified. Of course she won't tell David what she's done, because he kept putting her off. Now she's got a renewal on the meds and it doesn't quite look like the Doctor believed her story but I wonder if the doc thought Kylie was overmedicating Max?

Michael is untagged, as I said, but where did that rude snappy attitude come from? He was quite pleasant but when Gail asked about his auntie, he nearly took her head off. Sounds like he never had a very pleasant family and he's not so willing to talk about them. Some of what he said about his parents sounds a lot like Gail's as well. No dad, mother with a string of boyfriends. Turns out he never tried to see his son after he split with his wife. But all his compliments to Kylie only made her feel even worse. I suppose now that we're talking about Michael's son, he'll appear before long.

Rob got pulled over by the police due to a faulty brake lights and nearly got himself into trouble with his attitude. Into the canal goes the crowbar. He should have done that in the first place. Peter's on the mend, though, and that's good news for his family at least. Steve let the doves out of the bag, though, and now Ken knows the wedding is still on. Tracy still uses the excuse that a wedding gives them all something to look forward to but that's not much help to Peter who couldn't go even if he is eventually found innocent. The date is before the trial. Cancelling will mean lost of some of the deposits too so Ken was guilted into giving his blessing.

Eva's idea of a fun day is a game of Monopoly which might have been the wrong choice. A hand held game kept him busy so they could get in some personal time. Poor Jason, he really feels bad for what happened and is dreading a lawsuit. Tony doesn't believe Tyrone and Fiz will really go through with the suit. Eileen didn't know anything about what was going on. Now there really will be hell to pay, forget a law suit, they've got Eileen on the warpath now. She blames Tony for letting it all happen, Todd for screwing up and Jason for keeping the secret.

Every time Tony tries to smooth things over, he seems to make it worse! He can't seem to do right for doing wrong and heed Eileen's advice. Jason had only barely began to accept his dad back into his life and now all that good work is ruined. Tony's got to start all over again to win Jason over and it's going to be twice and difficult this time around. Eileen and Liz are both trying to help the two of them to mend fences which they do and now Todd feels on the outside. Where he belongs, I might add. I wonder if they're going to sack him now that the whole story is out? I would.

Todd really is getting a lot of stick from his nearest and dearest as you would expect. He tries to talk to Ty but that doesn't help. So what's next? put a banana up Jason's van's tailpipe as a diversion that might just get Luke out of the garage so he can do...something. Thing is, I'm fairly sure a banana in the tailpipe wouldn't prevent the engine from starting, would it? Very contrived. What's Todd going to do?

Lloyd and Andrea having a picnic, was it in the smoking shelter of the pub? Ew. The red rec isn't that far, why not go there? Contrived so that Neil can easily find them. He managed to cause an argument between Andrea and Lloyd which is all he hoped for. This business with Andrea's daughter delayed back from a trip meaning Andrea is going to have to contact Neil smells. Yep, he pretended he hadn't heard from their daughter and she lost her own mobile. Andrea falls for it every time because Neil knows what buttons to push.

But Neil doesn't seem to understand she means what she says. To be fair, he's upset and broken hearted but he's not going about it the right way. Putting an anniversary photo in the paper is really hitting low. Steve shot it all in the foot when he threw Neil out only to reveal that Andrea and Lloyd were in the Bistro where Neil decided to go next so he can hang over their shoulder and be all passive aggresive. They should have complained to Nick or changed tables to the other side of the restaurant. Doh. His next stunt is to threaten to top himself now that she's seen the lawyer and initializing divorce proceedings. It backfired when Lloyd went to see if he was ok instead of Andrea and discovered that Neil had sexy music on and a fancy table set. Doh, again. This storyline is doing my head it and it's not in a good way.

Still loving Steph. Papers, scissors, stone to win the bacon barm! Julie has decided to return to the gym. Dev continues to put a wrong foot where Julie is concerned. Maybe they've managed to make friends but now Mary is getting jealous and being unreasonable. Tim must be doing well. He's bought Liz a drink. Sean didn't know who Neil was? or Tim? Neil's been lurking around for a couple of months in and out of the pub shadowing Lloyd so surely they would recognize him, Sean especially as he might have been working. I like that Sean is sticking up for Fiz and Tyrone.

Amy is really acting out. I wonder if it's early onset puberty? What's the big rivalry over the dog, anyway? Now she's lying and saying that the dog bit her and Tracy is on the warpath to get rid of the dog. At least Deirdre's back after an inexplicable absence but she certainly isn't happy about the latest developments. You know Deirdre won't believe that Amy is a little troublemaker. It took her decades to stop defending Tracy. And if Tracy is building a case against the dog, she should have taken Amy and her little scratch to the doctor. I don't think Tracy would actually insist on putting the dog down but Simon overheard a conversation about a dying washing machine which was vague and unspecific and he thinks Eccles is about to meet her maker. Maddie is determined to save the pup for him.

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