Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday Comments, September 21

Peter's in really bad way, and Carla's trying to jump ship. But his turn for the worse after asking for her has her feeling far too guilty so she didn't get on the plane and later stopped off to see him. Everyone's thinking Jim is the big hero for finding Peter but of course we know it's really Jim's fault. He was supplying the booze in the first place. Anyway, Peter wants to confess to Carla that he is taking the blame for Tina's death to save her from it. He thought she did it! Now she knows he didn't. If neither of them did it, who did?

And Peter is going to recover but will bleed out if he ever drinks again. He says he has got the message but time will tell. And when Rob found out, you know he's freaking out and trying to put Carla off getting more suspicious or talking to the police. It's going to be more difficult putting Ken off the belief that Peter's innocent. If Rob pushes too much, Carla's going to get suspicious of him. So will Ken once he knows. Rob is frantic when he thinks Carla is going to speak to the police so is using all the guilt tripping he can.

But then he overhears there's some building work going on where he stashed the murder weapon. Oh crap. And the site is already fenced off. Will he manage to get the goods? He paid a couple of kids to "look for the dog" knowing it would cause a distraction. He managed to get the evidence dug up and now it's in his car and he's busy doing fancy footwork and juggling everyone.

And where was Deirdre during all this crisis? Nowhere to be seen. Not at Peter's bedside. Not wailing in the house and it's Audrey that has to support Ken in the pub, someone who has never really been that close a friend to Ken. Were Deirdre, Emily and Rita all on holiday together?

Tracy does love her brother and parents but she is still selfish enough to continue to focus on her wedding. She pretends it is to give her family something positive to focus on. Was she crying because she feels she has to cancel the wedding or because she's worried about Peter? You pick. She's not going to, though, and just continue to carry on planning in secret.

Steve's more concerned with the upcoming cricket match than he is anything else but he was worried about Peter and he was kind to Carla. The cricket team is keen. Sharif believes he is the one with the most talent and he's not, of course. Chesney is wearing Cilla's old trousers and has no idea how to play cricket. And Dev? Pretentious as always. Tempers clash between Sharif and Dev, vying for top dog spot and neither one deserves it. Kal's son Zeedan finally made an appearance, reluctantly. Then they had to nominate a new captain and Alya's the winner. She probably could keep them all in line.

On the day of the match, Steve is up early and keen to talk tactics, much to the chagrin of everyone else except Rob who's too involved in keeping Carla at bay. Sharif is intent on doing the cricket match properly, traditionally, and winding Dev up in the process. It worked, though, Dev has to keep up appearances, after all. I thought Michael was playing for the opposition but apparently not and he's untagged, too.

The opposition is taking great pleasure in winding up Steve who really wants to play but isn't very good. Alya managed to drag Leanne into the mix which only causes all the rest of the family to get their faces in a knot, especially Zeedan. Michael seemed to have had a funny turn on the field just before the match begins.

Katy and Luke are going to stick together just to wind up Steph. Nice. Very mature. Looks like Sean has joined a dating website. Michelle has her second client. Beth and Kirk though I do think Michelle was being a bit snotty about their financial status. A wedding planner should be able to work with all budgets. Beth has very high expectations for a bargain basement budget. Michelle knows she's going to be wasting her time looking into things that Beth and Kirk can't afford.

Todd's in the doghouse and being ill-used but he can't be sacked or Ty and Fiz might become suspicious. If Tyrone is the owner or part owner of the garage, can he not take a share of the profits even if he's not at work? They're going to start questioning why Jason can't claim through the insurance. Jason feels guilty and Tony's trying to cover his backside. But Owen spotted the bad boards when he was going through the skip to see if he could salvage anything (to sell, probably). Nobody could talk their way out of it when a certified builder told them the truth.

Tyrone and Fiz have now fallen out with another long time friend. They can't prove it because Owen took the old boards. Jason really has to confess and did but it's too late.

And you know? this campaign of humiliation that Tony's putting Todd through? I'm very afraid it's going to backfire and Todd is going to go off the rails. I do agree he's deserving of punishment and maybe now that Tyrone knows the truth, they can just sack him and make sure everyone knows he's behind the cheap flooring. Todd definitely has to take the fall. Pun intended. But he's also intending on manipulating Fiz and Tyrone to put them off the potential lawsuit.But even Jason believes that the types of lawyers that Fiz and Ty will use will add on all kinds of charges but it doesn't wash with Tyrone.

Poor Kylie's really taking Max's condition personally and it's dragged up all her old insecurities. Why would they insist on seeing them right now, this very instance after Max's assessment at school? It's not as if ADHD is a fatal diagnosis. It's because he went mad with the finger paints and pissed off the teacher. The diagnosis is definite.

Laughed at the little running joke about the familiar lamp. And it turned out to be Tracy's. Let's just see who recognized it... Steve, David, Roy. All three have been in her bedroom. Loved it! Tracy's doing deals with Tony again over ereaders. Neil is still stalking Lloyd and Andrea.

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