Monday, 10 November 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards Nov. 3 - 7

Billy One-Mate: Tracy finally has a friend.

DIS-R-E-S-P-E-C-T award: Tracy really was dismissive of Emily's lovely card. Though why Emily chose to give it to her at the pub rather than at home, I don't know.

Wrong end of the Stick award: Carla thought Rob was covering for Tracy.

Beam me up Scotty: Rob and the hens were on the street. Michelle was in the pub with Steve. Nobody saw Michelle walk by but instantly she was in with Carla drinking wine. Where did she come from so quickly?

Quandary award: Carla: Do I turn in my brother before or after the wedding?

50 Shades of Wrong award: Gail borrowing Ken's kimono is bizarre.

The higher they go, the further they fall award: The more compliments heaped on Tracy, the more she crows about how happy she is and how perfect Rob is, the worse the crash is going to be when she finds out what Rob did.

Wedding fashion award: Those hats that Rita and Emily were wearing were FAB!

Wrong end of the stick award: Kylie and David saw Michael hug Eileen in thanks. Definitely leaped to the wrong conclusion.

Cliffhanger award: At the end of Wednesday's episode, Rob looks at Carla's stricken, white face. "Please tell me you haven't".... "I'm Sorry" and the music ends. Oh heck!

Curiosity killed the cat award: Norris is wetting himself to find out what's in that parcel!

Lines of the week:
Fiz about Cilla "She's not daft, just devious"
Carla "If I don't keep the groom out of trouble, who will?" (someone's got to)
Rob "My Tracy is innocent" (of course she is)
Carla to Rob "I'm looking at you and all I see is haunted, and tortured and scared" (powerhouse performances, here)
Tracy to Michelle "Today's about me, not you"
Michelle "Today had better go perfectly or I'm for it" (oh dear.)
Amy "I'm like Cinderella, only cooler" Tracy "You get that from me, the cool gene. Don't know where I get it from, though" (True, that)
Rita about Tracy "Maybe she sold her soul to the devil?" Norris "I doubt it. Even he wouldn't want that!"
Tim to Rob "There he is, the condemned man" (more than you know, mate)
Kevin "Anyone saying I Do to Tracy Barlow is like a turkey voting for Christmas"
Beth "With my lot, you hope for the best and have a fire extinguisher ready" (oh, i SO want to see Beth and Kirk's wedding!)
Amy "Poor Mum. Happy was a good look for her"
Gail "My boys will find you boy" (I reckon he was in prison)

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Anonymous said...

I love Kevin. And I'm so happy to see the lads bantering in the garage.

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