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Sunday Comments November 23

Peter's home. Simon's happy to see him though it's a bit awkward between them. Carla's not so happy. She thinks she'll be able to avoid him or at least avoid talking to him but they come face to face in the pub the night he gets home. Can't blame him for wanting to get out of the house after being cooped up and surely he figured she'd be in the pub.

He even talked her into having a few quiet minutes with him and he tried his best to persuade her into taking him back, even went on his knees but she will not be moved and I'm glad. He's a serial philanderer and he hurt her far too much for her to take him back. Plus as we later find out, he's leaving anyway. Well, he wouldn't have left if she'd said yes but the actor is leaving the show so off he goes, back to Portsmouth and Simon has been let down yet again by his father.

But he sure got a shock when Carla said she only did it for her conscience, and for the Barlows, but not for him. I think down deep he knew she wouldn't have him back but he'd convinced himself otherwise. He seemed to be in better shape the next day than expected though when Carla sent back her wedding ring, it probably felt like a kick to the gut. And i loved, absolutely loved Steph ripping Peter a new one. It nearly drove Peter to the bottle. So much for promises never to drink again, knowing it will kill him.

But he didn't. And he's right, he needs a fresh start. It's only too bad he has to leave Simon behind. If he wasn't such a raging alcoholic on the verge of a disaster so much, he could have taken the lad with him but given his history, no reasonable parent or grandparent could take that risk. Simon was pretty cold to him at first, hiding his feelings behind his phone which is typical kid, but later, the standard launching into Peter's arms and crying. Again. Nice to see that Carla was the one that ultimately helped Simon accept it. Maybe Simon will finally have a bit of respect for her.

So Steve took Peter to the train station and Michelle was vile, staunchly defending her friendship with Carla. And was she realistic? Yes, there are a lot of people that are vile to others and I'm quite glad Steve had a curt remark to shoot back at her.

Tracy's still bent on making Carla pay because she can't accept that Rob would have made his own choices and she made the wrong one. But that's classic Tracy. Carla was kind to her after she rejected Peter but Tracy won't take that as given. She needs to blame someone other than Rob and isn't ready to give that up yet.

And quite unrealistically, the Windasses are all going to squash into Peter's flat. If it was just Anna, Owen and Faye, I'd say why not? But there's also Gary, Katy and Joseph. It's ludicrous.

Todd has one particular injury to his face that they doctor says is going to scar. Scarred for life and pretty boy Todd is horrified. Why can't they do plastic surgery? And it won't be that bad, not once it heals. It's not as if it's a slash down the whole side of his face. It's an inch or so on his cheekbone. It'll probably make him look more interesting, really! Cue Todd feeling sorry for himself. Ok, ok, it's a lot to take in at that age. It would have been devastating for someone good looking to end up with a very visible scar. I just have a hard time feeling sorry for him even though this wasn't his fault nor is it really retribution for everything he's done. All the hurt he caused was emotional, not physical but nobody deserves this and it could just end up being another reason for him to hate the world and lash out even more.

Now Todd's home, he's really going to pour on the hate and resentment. He never does take responsibility for his own actions and he's going to blame everyone else for this injury. If they never showed up he would be ok? They didn't show up because Todd's a tosser and really burned a lot of bridges.

Sally's already suspicious about Tim's cagey behaviour. Him bringing flowers to the factory is only going to make it worse because everyone knows that men only bring flowers to cover up their guilt, at least on soaps. He's only having reading lessons from Anna but because he's too embarassed to let people know, it's going to get all blown out of proportion. The reading lesson started slowly. Seems like Tim can make out a few words and Owen has a point, find something he is interested in to read. It seemed not long before he was reading quite a lot of words and I bet he's reading War and Peace by Christmas.

Michelle is still bitching at Steve for pushing her away rather than seeing that there's something just not right about him. He's not himself at all. If she can't see it, I would have thought his mother would know since she knows him better than anyone.

And speaking of Michelle, she's not going to go far in the event planning business if she pays for everything with her own money up front rather than using the client's credit card.

Chesney is resentful of Cilla making pals with Craig even when Cilla tries to point out the similarities in the cheeky smiles of both lads to tell Chesney that she missed him. We do find out that Cilla is sleeping in Craig's bed and Craig on the sofa but I still don't know where Craig normally sleeps unless it's up in the loft.

Cilla is still selfish Cilla, though, getting others to pander to her, much to Chesney's annoyance. He's not surprised but is angry about what he had to put up with all those years with the mother from hell. He's not ready to forgive and move on and I suppose, given how she treated him, it's understandable. Only Fiz really knows and she's matured to the point where she can put it behind her. It's interesting that Sinead ended up talking to Gary about it. We forget, but Gary and Chesney used to be close, like brothers for awhile. Nice little scene with Chesney and Rita, too.

Cilla offered to babysit Joseph and fell down the stairs. In her condition, that's a bad thing and sure enough, she had to go to the hospital and left Craig and Faye to watch Joseph. That's not so bad, they're plenty old enough and Craig is 16 or something. There was no reason for Chesney to whinge about all and make a big production over it but it touched a hot button with him. Even so, once he found out the real reason she had to leave? No apology so I'd say he needs to grow up. It's clear Cilla has regrets and she's got to live with them as well. She'll never be able to make it up to Chesney and she knows it.

It's all contrived so that Jennie McAlpine can go on her maternity leave but it was good to see Cilla in a toned down version of herself. I really liked this little storyline.

Katy wants to be a paramedic. She's going to volunteer for St. John's Ambulance which is a great idea. It's not easy to get in with the paramedics but all the SJA experience you can get will be a very good background. Meanwhile, all the Windasses are going to be moving into the bookies' flat. They're already overcrowding Number 6. I think they'll be stacked like cordwood in the flat.

Norris is still banging on about that parcel. He keeps asking for it to be re-delivered. Why would they not deliver it to the Kabin? Why doesn't he ask for it to be sent there? I really have no idea why it's such a big deal. Now we are told it was delivered to 13. Why? It's not as if the mailman is going to go down the row knocking on doors to find someone home. They will just leave yet another card. FFS this is stupid. And as usual Norris is a nasty piece of work, suggesting that Todd provoked his attack and shouting at Sally because Tim didn't show up to clean his windows instead of making the call himself. I don't know why Rita bothers to spend leisure time with him when the conversations they seem to have are never happy ones.

Cute scene in the cafe where Wuthering Heights is discussed but it's all a front so that Gary can hint to Alya where he's going to be later so she can meet him in secret. The other upshot of the scene is that Zeedan will be working for Tony, something Kal isn't happy about. Don't all parents want more for their children, though? He sees his son with a good education who could go on to university, probably something he wishes he had done, perhaps. Being a builder is a good, honest job, something Alya suspiciously defends. Wonder why!?

Then of course, Kal gets on Tony's case for underpaying Zeedan which is fair enough but there's going to be trouble there, mark my words. Carla's looking for a trainee. Who do we know that needs a job? Nice little aside, Gary remembers when Kal lost his wife so it wasn't really all that long ago, just 4 or 5 years. Leanne caught Alya and Gary kissing and now she's got to keep the secret from Kal.

Steve is still avoiding spending time with Michelle and she's really getting beside herself with worry only it's not worry that Steve isn't himself, it's worry that he's gone off her.

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