Saturday, 29 November 2014

Corrie on Casting

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2014.)

Excellent. More new faces to add to the Coronation Street throng. Just what I woke up this morning hoping for. 

Except I didn't really. I wrote recently to criticise Coronation Street for shamefully wasting the talents of Philip Lowrie, Charlie Condou and Krissi Bohn (Dennis, Marcus and Jenna). So what do the Corrie powers that be do? As soon as they've cleared the last lot out, in come more! 

I am sure the actors cast as Kylie's ex-partner and Michael Rodwell's son will be brilliant and good for them to get the gig, but this announcement sounds painfully, uncannily like the one that brought us Ryan and Rob. Two new Corrie hunks! Corrie is running with the pack, chasing the ratings and lavishing us viewers with what they think we want. 

I hope the storylines are fresh, new and challenging. I really do. However I still think we could have enjoyed fresh, challenging storylines with some of the established Corrie cast first. I just love the press speak that is spouted when new characters are announced these days. Everyone is sexy, dangerous, charming and nobody joins the ranks without an explosive secret to hide.

I'd love to catch my breath first and get to know the Nazirs, Andrea, Tony and the rest before anyone else steps off the Weatherfield Wayfarer. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll still be tuning in avidly when these new characters appear in the weeks and months ahead. Old habits die hard. 

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