Monday, 9 March 2015

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for March 2 - 6

That's not really going to help award: Liz and the towel.

Wrong end of the stick award: Jason's suspicions, thanks to Todd, had him putting a beating on Tony.

Interfering award: Norris, of course, taking it upon himself to scold Jenny for daring to show her face within 199 yards of the fair Rita.

Innuendo award: Tracy is having a lot of fun double-talking about Tony around Liz, as near the knuckle as she can get without actually letting the cat out of the loo, er, bag.

Musical Ambiance (and a nice tie in to a storyline) Queen's Under Pressure playing while Eileen is shouting at Jason to come home and fight for Eva.

How not to behave in the hospitality industry:

Oh Grow Up award: Sophie. What are you, 12? If you're old enough to date who you want, your father certainly is. And if it's the wrong choice, it's his problem.

School Days award: Tim looked faintly ridiculous going to a night class with a backpack and acting like it was his first day in "big" school. All he was missing was the short pants and school uniform!

If Looks Could Kill award: Rita wasn't best pleased to see Jenny.

Not for love but maybe for money award: Owen wasn't going to help Luke but was persuaded by a 50 pound note.

Entourage award: Did Rita really need the whole posse to give her courage to confront Jenny?

Lines of the week:
Jason to Eva "You want him, you can have him"
Kevin "What's this Jambalaya? Sounds like something you sing at Sunday school" (and that's Kevin in a nutshell)
Sinead about the nurse "She's Albanian" Kirk "How come she didn't have white hair and pink eyes" Chesney "That's Albino" (well, it's an easy mistake, right?)
Norris to Jenny "I know you by reputation" (and he called her a brazen strumpet)
Eileen "Do you not think that a marriage proposal right now would be taking stupidity to the next level?"
Jason "I'm not ill, I'm just an idiot"
Michelle to Liz "Is it because you're worried people will look at you if they play Fat Bottomed Girls"
Todd "Woman are weird" Sean "Pot, Kettle, Black!"
Todd about Eva "She makes Katie Price seem like Albert Einstein"
Steve "That woman is guilty of hideous crimes against beer" (oh give her a break, it's only been an hour, it just takes a bit of practice)
Tony to Tracy "You were grinning like a chorus girl. I thought you were going to get out and sing!"
Liz to Eileen about working in the hospitality industry "Whatever you do, do NOT be yourself" (in this case, very true!)
Rita on seeing Jenny "What was I supposed to do? Slap her?"
Norris about Kevin "You're not exactly basketball material yourself"
Michael "Your modern man can't wait to dress up as a woman. I wonder why?"

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