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Sunday Comments March 1

Fay got dragged to a school function, minutes after finding out she's pregnant and what did she hear? a baby crying. Talk about bad timing. Anna tries to comfort her moody daughter, unknowing of the real cause and Faye reckons a hug isn't going to do any good. Well, no, not in this case. I like that Craig is such a good friend. Didn't your heart break hearing Faye cry, thinking that she's too much trouble and because she's adopted, Anna won't want her anymore and can send her away. Poor kid.

Faye and Craig work out that she must be seven months along and he shows her a scan photo from the internet of what it looks like. She's shocked. Craig urges her to tell her mother. Yabbut.... Faye says she'll tell but there's that huge Linda crisis going on over home.

Anna really feels caught in the middle, I think and Faye can see her mother's upset. Not the time to throw another crisis into the mix. Faye's got a plan. Give birth in secret and leave it at the hospital door. Not well thought out, was it? Breaks my heart, though, when she says things like she wasn't wanted and she can't want the baby, either. Poor kid.

Eva and Tony are still house hunting behind Jason's back and Eva keeps telling Todd what's going on. He knows Eva and Tony are supposed to be meeting up at Tony's flat later so he manages to get Jason to go there. Only he didn't know that the meeting was cancelled due to the house going to another buyer and Tony is there, all right, but he's with Tracy. Eva was at work at the time Jason went to Tony's which of course can be proven so Todd can't imply otherwise. Anwyay, Jason interrupts his father and hears a woman laugh inside. Radio, that's all. Yeah right.

Jason tells Tony he's taking Eva to New York, big secret, don't tell. Poor lad doesn't even question why Tony's taking a shower at his flat when he lives at the pub but Tony would be able to talk him around that. Never mind that Eva can prove she was in the pub all day, Todd can insinuate for England and that he does, planting a little seed in Jason's mind. Tony's probably cheating but with who?

Jason seems to have let it pass and booked the trip anyway. That means Todd needs to up his game. Tony's taking Eva to a property auction and Jason overheard her say she has to lie to him. Funny, that. Sometimes in the pub, people can't hear a conversation 6 feet away and yet other times, even a little farther, it's like it's broadcast on a PA system.

Anyway, Todd certainly did up the game. He really made it look like there was something going on at the hotel where there just happened to be a property auction and Eva was stupid enough to tell him where they were going. Jason, naturally, gets an eyeful

of a friendly hug and kiss just as he walks into the hotel bar.

Dev is on his way to be away for a month in a matter of hours. Why is Julie poring over the books now? Dev isn't having any luck at all trying to talk her down and then faces a mutiny as expected and Dev had to end up shouting at them all. Well it's all his own fault for not handling it well and leaving it to the last minute. This next four weeks isn't going to go well. He should have taken the kids with him, along with their schoolwork and that would have done them a lot of good, working with orphans.

Julie's driving both Mary and Sophie crazy with her high handed ways but she's taken aback when the kids wonder why Mary and Julie hate each other, as they're always having a go at each other. Julie realizes that it's all true and it's affecting the children so there's a summit meeting at Number 7. Mary's armed for war but is diverted by Julie's attempt to wine and dine them and use a talking stick. It's Julie's way to clear the air. And the air did get cleared as the three women realized that they each have the best interests at heart. Mary admitted she didn't have designs on Dev. She's attracted to *clever* men! Kind of a left handed compliment for Julie.

Dev lets Mary just take things out of the shop and he writes them off since they're for his family, or he pays for them but he obviously didn't tell Julie about the arrangement and she's nearly ready to call the police when Mary loads up her arms and walks out. Talk about egg on your face! Julie is still ready to presume the worst about her.

Kevin makes the lads a brew and since that's a rarity, they both assume there's a woman involved. Kevin stays quiet as long as he can. But he admits to Sophie later he's got a date through an internet dating site. They've exchanged emails so far. He gets dating advice from Eva on where to go and what to wear!

Of all people to go meeting folk online, you wouldn't think it would be conservative Kevin, would you? And look who it is? Jenny Bradley as was, Rita's scallywag foster daughter. It seems like Kevin did know who he was meeting since there are photos on the dating profiles. He had a really hungry look on his face when he saw her for the first time. She seems to be a bit calmer but she's still got a sparky side to her. And you know? I don't know where it's going, but Kevin and Jenny look rather good together.

It almost finished before it began, she decided it probably wasn't a good idea, what with the past aching to be let out of bag and all that but she also then changed her mind. At least Kevin would show his mates he really did have a date and she was pretty smokin' hot, too.

Katy really wants to know her mother but Izzy doesn't want to know, yet is curious just the same. Katy doesn't have that pain that Izzy does. Katy is also very naive when it comes to Callum. he's a drug dealer and they lie. Like a rug. But Katy will believe anything she's told. I suppose that's Owen's argument against Linda, he can try to make Katy think that her mother will tell her anything to get round her.

Linda sidetracks Katy and persuades her to have another drink, promising she's going back home later next week. Naturally they're seen by the rest of the WindStrongs and after another hurling of abuse from Izzy, Linda drops a bomb. She tells the girls that she had an affair and that's why she left and she wanted to come back but Owen refused to let her return or see the girls.

It's his fault they hadn't had their mother in their lives all these years! She has even kept every card and letter she tried to send so she's got proof she didn't give up. He even had the nerve to accuse her of wanting her relationship with the girls at the expense of his own. Who's fault is that, then? Anna stays out of the argument as long as she can until she can't take it any longer and tells Owen to leave. He decides he will, only to explain to Izzy who isn't there. I don't think she'll listen. But Linda came back and defended Owen to an extent and she's not going anywhere.

Izzy is a real mess over all this, a lifetime of guilt for nothing. Owen admitted letting Izzy feeling guilty so she'd hate her mother but Izzy's accusation that he made her feel bad about herself instead really hit home. Good. He deserves it.

Katy's have a lovely time getting to know her mum but Izzy isn't sure she wants to know but she went to the Bistro with them anyway. I suppose she's shifted her anger to her father and knows seeing her mother will hurt him. Plus, now, she's probably curious as well and maybe even a little hopeful. And Anna's got her knickers in a twist as well, the green eyed monster rearing it's ugly head.

Lovely scene with Emily talking about her own breakdown, shedding a bit of light on Steve's situation for Michelle. Later, Steve surprised her with a romantic meal which didn't turn out very edible. Artichoke linguini. Well, I would probably like it but it's an unusual choice. Izzy wasn't at home after Linda's revelations because Owen found her on the street, having gone looking for her, Gary didn't have the baby so who did? Sean is still pretty much on eggshells around Billy, trying to keep up a good impression. Is it me or does Ga'Andy look suspicious all the time! Oh there's Sinead again. Still flat on her back. But she's got some Irish fella in a wheelchair, Sam, who's got a bit more in common with her than her able bodied family and friends. And it looks like yer man is a wee big jealous of Chesney. Crush, much? ANyway she managed to sit up on her own!

Everyone is feeling the loss of Kylie's presence. Will David be able to move on? Difficult when you have no way of getting any closure. Callum is still coming round to yank David's chain. This time he comes to the salon while Audrey is doing Sally's hair. David drags him outside and while Audrey is in the loo, Sally peeks through the window blinds and sees Callum toss a small package to David and insist he hold on to it for the day. Later, Sally tells Gail who has seen David put the box in the cupboard, lying that it's something for the computer that he'd ordered online. They all assume it's drugs (David did as well) and Gail is frantic with worry so decides to take it to the police. David freaks out when he can't find the package later!

And at the police station, Sally's imagination has run away with her, sensationalizing what might be in the package while David tears the house apart looking for it, leaving messages for his mother. The box is empty. Definitely Callum putting pressure on David. He wants more.

And more is a drug delivery, it seems. The real deal. So to speak. David doesn't want to get into that but Callum wasn't too fond of hearing David washed his coke down the sink. From Gail. She wouldn't let Nick, Ga'Andy and David confront Callum, she reckoned it was safer if she and Audrey went. Callum might not batter two old women. Loved Gail's remark about living with a serial killer so she's not afraid of confronting a drug dealer! And she did score a few points, too, especially describing his inadequate bits!! She wasn't afraid of him in the least but there's bound to be repercussions.

David's scared stiff. What happened to the old evil David? Ah but that's when he was in control, or thought he was. He and Gail freaked out when the doorbell rang. No it won't be Callum. He usually just walks in! But later, after the phrase of doom referring to Callum probably giving up? Ding Dong, and it ain't the Avon Lady.

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