Monday, 23 March 2015

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for March 16 - 20

Phrase of Doom award: Michael "Nothing is going to stop me from making you my wife on Monday"

Good casting award: Gavin does have a bit of resemblence to Michael around the edges. I can believe that Michael would look fairly similar if he was 30 years younger.

Piece of Work award: And isn't Gavin a great bad guy! Very believable.

Ivy Tilsley Brennan award: Erica's back and Gail's not happy about it.

Geography fail: Anna's got the native language of Brazil wrong.

Winter of our Discontent award: They're really poking great holes in Anna and Owen's relationship. You can see where this is going, can't you?

Wrong end of the Stick award: Steve only caught the end of a conversation and thought Liz had already sacked Eileen. Ooops!

Vintage award:
Audrey didn't even buy a new hat for Gail's sixth wedding, reusing the one from the Hillman day instead. Just as well.

Irony award: Gail, on her wedding day, telling herself "you deserve this" just as the real Gavin Rodwell is knocking on the door.

Pants on Fire award: Now Gail's joined the Liar, Liar boat. But with Michael having stress related symptoms, she feels she is right to lie.

Fashion statement: Sean's flamingo shirt!

Haunted by the past: Loved how Tracy said the Battersbys stole anything not nailed down. Leanne might have denied it but she blushed and you know it was very true!

True Colours award: That's Katy seeing the real Callum come pouring out of his gob, calling her a slapper.

Phobia award: Tim. First rats. Now spiders.

Musical fail award: "Like a Virgin" probably isn't what Faye wanted to hear at her birthday party, hiding an 8 month baby bump.

Lines of the week:
Sally to Maria "I saw you nibbling away like a small woodland creature"
Gail "Yes, Eileen, just close your mouth and open the bottle"
Anna "They speak Brazilian in Brazil. Even I know that" (Portuguese, actually)
Eileen about Gail "Her and Nick have a weirder relationship than Norman Bates and his mother" (and that's actually true!)
Eileen "I'm nothing if not professional" (seriously?)
Audrey to Steve and Lloyd "D'you know, you two don't half know how to kill a mood"
Gail "You deserve this" (just as her world comes crashing down outside that door)
Audrey "In my day it was Happy Families and that was it" David "It's not really appropriate in this family, though, is it?"
Julie to Eileen "I think you got the wrong end of the stick" Todd "That would be the one she was relentlessly poking the punters with?"
Audrey to Gail "Anybody would think you were going to the gallows not walking up the aisle" ... and ..."You can't go through life expecting the worst to thappen" Gail "Why not? Usually does and just when I dare to think I might be, that's when something rears up and bites me on the..."
Michael to Andy re the mugging "You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." Andy "Story of my life"
Eileen "I've never wanted to jump into a tank of pirhanas bit I've a fair idea how that might turn out"
Gail "If only I was as happy as you, Eileen, wouldn't life be wonderful?" (a bit of sarcasm there, but I bet she wishes she had Eileen's problems instead of her own these days)
Owen "You know what Katy's like. Changes her mind what she wants for dinner while she's eating it"
Tracy "Me in a church? The skies turn black if I walk in a room and Songs of Praise is on"

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