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Sunday Comments March 8

Eva's righteous and angry and Jason knows he got it all wrong. He probably isn't connecting the dots that lead back to Todd, though I thought Eva might. She's torn a strip off him and finished with him, with Leanne running shotgun and all. What's Jason's solution? Will you marry me? Yeah, like that's going to happen 5 minutes after you've proven you don't trust her. And wasn't Todd looking smug? What happens to the house Tony bought, now?

Jason and Eva are both upset over the whole misunderstanding though Todd still manages to push a few buttons on both sides to try to keep them from reconciling. Jason really does want to work things out but Eva isn't so sure she's ready. She's been terribly hurt. There's a blast from the past when Leanne tells her that she had an affair with the father of the lad she was seeing a few years back. Corrie historians will remember that was Jamie Baldwin and his dad Danny.

Jason even goes to her and gives her the New York tickets for tonight's departure. But she decides not to go with him. She's going to go see her gran in France to lick her wounds. Todd tries to stop him running after her, Sean thinks he should go after her but Todd wins out and drags Jason out on the town to drink his sorrows dry because he doesn't want to risk the reconciliation, does he? Spiteful is what he is.

Well, Eva is going and yet still thinks Jason should have run after her begging her not to go. That's thanks to Todd. And when Eva calls Jason, Todd manages to refuse the call while Jason's at the bar. Result. She's going and that's that and Jason didn't get back in time to stop her. So much for her job, quitting by text? Does nobody give notice anymore? But that's typical isn't it? They leave and then get their jobs back when they return. All of this is so that the actress can go off and have her baby but she'll be back!

Meanwhile we're going to have to watch Jason sulk and moan about being an idiot for a good while. The more Eileen fusses over Jason, the more Todd gets annoyed.

And with Eva gone, they need someone part time in the pub. Eileen? Seriously? She might say she can smile if being paid but I don't think she's barmaid material in the least. I don't think this is going to go well. Steve is already griping because she can't get the knack of pouring a pint after what? An hour or two? I say give her a chance to practice a bit more. You gotta start somewhere. (mind you, helping yourself to the punter's crisps and taking unscheduled breaks isn't really professional) And Liz is already regretting it, too.

Liz turned down a night out to see Queen in concert, the silly cow, because Steve is still poorly. (but she did say she'd go in the end) Someone needs to tell her he's not 10 years old and has Michelle to keep an eye on him. Tony sulks his way right into Tracy's bed again. She thinks they have Number 1 to themselves all afternoon but after round 1, Ken and Amy get home and Tony has to hide in the outdoor loo, nearly discovered by the intrepid dog detective, Eccles. Tracy manages to get Ken back in the house and promises to sort out the dog who's probably just cornered a cat. She thinks it's all very funny but Tony is horrified they almost got caught and furious when she makes innuendos all over the pub at his expense. But then he's got a lot more to lose. But so does she, if he has his way. She's not afraid of him, ground rules or not.

Tony can't resist getting involved in another dodgey deal even though he's supposed to be taking Liz out to the Queen concert with a posh hotel after. I hope he left the tickets home because the police had other ideas when they stopped them after Tracy kicked off, making Tony handle her a bit rough, and made them late back and then she had to unload the van herself. Why didn't she call Todd?

Kevin's not very sophisticated when it comes to restaurant menus And when Sally heard they were going to the Rovers, she made a beeline with Sophie and Maddie in tow and the look on Sally's face in the pub when she saw it was Jenny! Norris stuck his nose in where it didn't belong, scolding Jenny for having the cheek to come within a mile of the fair Rita.

Seems Kevin and Jenny are continuing to date and now Kevin's cooking for her. Sophie, who is only Christian when it suits her it seems, believes all the neighbours who say Jenny is a nasty gold digger. Kevin isn't worried. He's not got any gold to dig! At least Sophie had enough sense to back down. It's true, Kevin is old enough to make his own mistakes.

Meanwhile, Norris is taking it on himself to warn Rita that Jenny is around but it's her birthday, she came home early and he didn't get the chance. Later he chickened out and then it was too late. It was inevitable, the confrontation. There's Jenny in the pub, reaquainting with Steve (who is, what? 3, 4, 5 years younger?). That's invading Rita's home turf and well she knows it. Even so, Rita did ask why she never got in touch. I would have thought that was obvious, given the way things ended. I guess making civil conversation was better than slapping her.

Rita is convinced Jenny is up to something or wants more money and she's got herself all worked up over it now. Jenny is having her own regrets, too. Meanwhile, Rita had dutch courage and her whole entourage with her to confront madame. It did seem a bit much. Ok, she did plan to do the confronting alone but they weren't missing out on this bit of juicy gossip for love or money. I like how Jenny stood up to Rita but then Rita is putting Jenny on notice.

Owen can't leave it alone and busted up the cozy meal. Linda suggests they all forgive and forget. Probably a lot of water under the bridge for that. I wonder if Linda has another agenda. Michael and Gail's wedding plans need to move a little faster. She's not got a dress and they're just deciding on vows and it's only a few weeks off. Seems they haven't forgotten about Tim's reading struggles after all. I'm with Tim this time, *if* the council interview for a job doing windows is real. He's running a business, he's got to take care of that first. *If* it's not an excuse and it looks like it might have been, rather than attend a formal adult literacy class that Sally's organized him into. I suppose he feels self conscious. Why would she send him off to a night class with a backpack? books and writing materials, I suppose but it looked odd. That was quite the welcome home party, though.
Callum followed through on his threats, and he told Max that he was his dad. David had to tell Max it was true. It was a tough conversation.

Faye's still keeping her secret and poor Craig is getting stressed over her plan to give birth in secret. He is an old hand at the internet and he knows she doesn't really understand what actually happens so he shows her videos of someone giving birth. Talk about freaking out! Grown men and women quake at the sight of birth giving. And maybe if more 12 year olds saw it, they'd think twice about taking the risk.

Luke seems to be getting on well with Liam but he gave the lad a ball to throw around indoors and it's ended up cracking a tile on the kitchen wall. In fact, she's decided to retile the wall altogether and he thinks it will impress him if he tiles it for her. Luke has got himself in over his head in a sea of tile. He hasn't got the first clue what he's doing. Call in the cavalry, aka Owen. Owen did it for 50 quid and Maria came home early, with Steph highly skeptical that her brother was any good at that sort of DIY. Timing worked out though, Owen had just finished and Luke got to take the credit.

Chesney seems distinctly uncomfortable with the prospect of Sinead's new mate, Sam who seems to have a soft spot for Sinead. She was sick and tired of Chesney's worried, miserable face but he did a nice thing. No wonder she seemed pleased to see Beth and Julie. Much more cheery and they had tea and cakes! I notice, too, she wasn't lying flat so that must feel a bit better, too. Lloyd's back and Chesney is still like a rabid dog in his vendetta against Steve. Looks like Lloyd was told about the crash but not the seriousness of the injuries and he wasn't told about Steve's non-reaction to the accident. Even though Andrea does tell him Steve has depression, it doesn't make much of a difference to Lloyd who thinks it's all rather convenient.

Steve did ok on his first day back and he's in such a good mood or at least he was putting on a front, that it makes Lloyd's concerns even stronger. And I don't care what Lloyd says. He thinks "my mate" wouldn't have crashed that bus, but he wasn't there. Poor Steve to have to hear them all arguing over him, puts a flat end on a fairly good day. At least everyone took Steve's side which isn't a lot of help when your best friend is against you. I think Lloyd just needs time, he seemed a bit more understanding later on.

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Anonymous said...

David brought tears to my eyes in his scene with Max.

I don't know why Jenny Bradley would be brought back after 20 years. I was a bit disappointed in her meeting with Rita. I thought Rita would give her more of a mouthful frankly. Then when they went to Kevin's house, there was no apology from Jenny. "I was young" was all she said; if she cared for Rita at all, she should have said a lot more than that. Strikes me she is the same nasty piece of work she always way.

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