Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Gail's Hen Night High-Jinks

Let's just forget how silly it is for Gail to be getting married a sixth time. After all, Didn't Elizabeth Taylor do it more than that? (* marriages according to th'interweb). And a hen night might be a bit repetitive but in Gail's case, it really is tradition!

I loved the hen night. Sally, Audrey, Maria and sometimes Liz and Michelle joined up in feting Gail with Eileen providing the sparring partner. That long standing feud never gets old for me. Sometimes Eileen gets the upper hand and sometimes Gail does. They were both on fine form at the do but I think Gail, as the bride, did get the upper hand. Eileen ended up moaning about her single status by the end of the night and then discovered that her employers wanted to sack her!

And as a barmaid, she was pretty crap. Normally, I would enjoy her banter over the bar but Eileen does take it a bit far and she was putting people off buying drinks, insulting the customers (even if one of them  happened to be her nemesis) and defacing the decorations for the hen party. That's all very unprofessional and definitely sacking offenses.

I loved the banter over Anna Karenina even if Ken's personal copy of the book was bigger than the Gutenberg Bible. That was a bit ludicrous. Why would he imagine Audrey would want to lug a book that size around? If he wanted her to try it, why not a less intimidating paperback copy? I've seen them. They are about the size of a sandwich. Leave it to Ken to be supercilious as always but wasn't it great to see Sally surprise him with an astute analysis of the story, albeit gleaned from Google! Audrey might be better watching the movie, I think. Anna K is a good story, and a tragic romance but it's not as easy a read as modern day "chick lit" romances. 

Erica's appearance put a shadow into the works, with Gail furious to see Nick's recent cougar-lover back on the scene.  It really brings the Ivy Tilsley Brennan out in Gail!

What I loved the most, though, was Gail informing the WindStrongs that Callum was, indeed a drug dealer, citing Kylie as proof. Callum can pull the wool over Katy's eyes as much as he wants, and, let's face it, it's not a difficult job to do, but now the idea is germinating with Owen and he's far more suspicious.

Michael ended the night later on, uttering the Soap Opera Phrase of Doom, that nothing would stop him from making her his wife on Monday. We shall see. With Gavin blackmailing Andy, and threatening to expose the fraud sky high, it might be a bumpy walk up the aisle!

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