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Introducing Lucy Fallon, the new Bethany Platt

Lucy Fallon
(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2015.)

 Lucy Fallon, the new Bethany Platt, will very soon burst onto our screens, and I use the word ‘burst’ advisedly.

Lucy is actually 19 but is playing 14 year old Bethany. I met Lucy at Media City in mid-February. Our interview took place in The (newly furnished) Bistro, which was a treat.

What was striking from the off was that Lucy actually looks like Tina O’Brien, also known as Sarah Louise. What’s more, the press officer with her pointed out that even Lucy’s mannerisms are similar to Tina O’Brien’s. Some uncannily excellent casting there! Lucy has a 6 month contract with options -  options unexplained.

How do you feel about playing the new wild child on the cobbles?

Oh it’s just great! She’s really good fun to play. She’s feisty, headstrong and she is going to cause some trouble. 

What acting have you done so far?

I’ve done a bit. A bit of panto as a dancer, that sort of thing but this is my very first television role. I have had private drama lessons at home in Blackpool. I’ve been taking drama classes since I was 8. I’ve been involved in drama festivals at home in Blackpool and I was at college doing Performing Arts.  

Where were you when you heard you had got the part?

I was in bed! My phone rang and it was my agent telling me I had got the part! She carried on talking but I wasn’t really listening because I kept asking if she was sure I had got the part. I’d auditioned for it the first time it came up and didn’t get it. Then it was up again and so I auditioned again. I was thrilled but could hardly believe it.

How was your first day on the set?

It was great. I was made to feel really welcome. I share a dressing room with
Tisha, who plays Steph and she was so sweet to me. She rally took me under her wing. The Platt family too were just great, especially Helen Worth, who plays Gail. Jack (David) and Les (Michael) are hilarious.

Why has Bethany decided to come back to Weatherfield? 

Well, she feels she’s not getting much attention from her mum and so she decides to catch a plane to Weatherfield and stir things up a bit! And she does! In her first scene she is arguing with a taxi driver, saying she has got no money to pay the fare and she tells the taxi driver that her gran is dying, so he lets her off. Very soon afterwards she meets Andy and makes him carry her bags, then goes into The Rovers and starts drinking – alcohol. She is wearing red lipstick and has very dark eyes. Gail arrives and she is absolutely furious! Bethany also goes shoplifting but that is a way of getting attention, though she throws the top she was going to steal on the floor, before leaving the shop.

Much of Bethany’s behavior is designed to shake things up and get a reaction, especially from her mum, including telling Jason that her mum, Sarah Louise is still keen on him.

Tell us a little about your private life and your family.

Well, I’ve got 2 older sisters –Rachel is 32 and Laura is 30, but I’m not spoilt because I’m the youngest! I live with my mum and dad, Angela and Andy in Blackpool. I have worked in Subway, Next, New Look and a nightclub.

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