Monday, 30 March 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for March 23 - 27

Perfect Timing award: Michael "We don't want to tempt fate, do we?" (just as Gail sees a memorial to Gavin Rodwell in the newspaper)

Wrong end of the Stick Award: Sean calling Emily a bigot because he thought she disapproved of having a gay vicar.

Result award: After all that angst, turns out Sharif's chickens were laying eggs behind the fence!

Subterfuge award: Sinead talked Kirk into springing her from the hospital.

Overkill award: Ok, maybe getting Sinead back to hospital in an ambulance might be warranted in case she hurt her back again, but I really don't think they needed the siren.

You Changed Your Tune: on Monday, All Katy's family still wanted her to stay. On Wednesday they were defending her decision to go.

Matchmaker award: Emily, for getting Sean and Billy talking again.

Rigged award: Never in my life have I seen a chair fall completely apart like that on in the cab office.

Crocodile tears award: Bethany laying one on the cab driver.

Ironic award: Gavin died of a heart attack, same condition Michael has only he wasn't so lucky to catch it in time.

Illogical, Captain: Why does nobody ever arrange for time off to actually go to the airport to see people off?

Lines of the week:
Eileen "If I'm going to scare him off, I'd like to scare him off on my own"
Chesney "Katy's thinking about what's best for her not what's best for him (Joseph)" (That's true, but if she can make a better life for herself, Joseph benefits)
Callum to Gail "Maybe you can arm wrestle for him (with his mother). Winner takes Max."
Gail to Andy "He's not your dad. He deserves better" (ouch, but true)
Emily to Billy "I think the expression is, 'Get over yourself'"
Katy to Owen "Maybe if she was allowed to come back sooner, I wouldn't be flying off to Portugal" (that's you told)
Kal "Apparently we've got gorilla chickens"
Michelle "I'm a tasteless Philistine, right?" (because she doesn't "get" Northern Soul)
Steve "I'm depressed, not deluded"
Bethany about her Gran "She could only communicate by blinking. Once for yes, twice for no, which made it really difficult trying to talk to her over the phone."

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Daithi_c said...

It appears Gavin's motto was also party hard, die young, and never let go of anything.

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