Friday, 11 March 2011

Preview of Next Week's Corrie in Canada (Mar. 14 - 18)

On our screens in Canada next week:

With Gail's trial about to start, David pulls out all the stops. Tracy tells tales. Tina takes her first steps. Kirk gets a job and Izzy gets an offer, too. Roy continues to disappoint Hayley. Graeme blows his chances. Nick drops the ball, Underworld is in trouble and Trev steps up to the plate.

For more detail and a few more photos, visit the Moosejaw Mercury at


Barbara said...

I don't know if you have a way of fixing this but when you click through to the Moosejaw Mercury the dates seem to be off by one day. The events in the write up for Monday, March 14th actually took place today, Friday, March 11th.

Tvor said...

Oh thanks for that! I'll fix that.

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