Monday, 23 April 2012

Corrie Canada weekly awards: April 16 - 20

Reality check award: Katy and Izzy told Owen a few hard truths. He might have been a good parent but he was shocked to discover they were afraid of him when they were small.

Eating Crow award: Kirsty did apologize to Tina who wasn't very gracious about it.

Redecorate this house: Lloyd packed up and left. Where did all his furniture go? (aside from the sofa he burned).

Wrong thing to say award: "Anna... Babe..." Owen, when a woman is spitting nails, "Babe" is *not* the thing to say.

Biting off more than you can chew: Eileen really didn't realize how difficult looking after Lesley could be. Why didn't Eileen just go to Paul's house? Lesley might have been more comfortable.

Poor Pitiful Me award: Dev was sniveling because Steve didn't ask him to be best man. Maybe it has  something to do with you disowning him as a friend after Becky looted your shop?

Pop goes the weasel! I loved Becky popping a balloon with her cig!! Uh oh.... Trouble ahead, and chuckled at David and Gail scooting across not to miss anything.

Wedding Crasher award: She didn't wreck the wedding after all, but after Steve's nasty remarks, he deserved her revenge as much as Tracy did.

Fashion fail award. I really can't see the attraction in these "fascinators" everyone has been wearing. I really can't.

Lines of the week:
Becky "Many a fella's run for the hills after a date with me but this one's gone long haul"
Becky to Roy "You might wave a spatula instead of a wand but you are my guardian angel, Royston"
Hayley "I'm used to feeling my beliefs are out of sync with the world. I *am* out of sync with the world"
Becky to Kylie "You are going to get altitude sickness up there on your high horse"
Becky "You're gonna send me a postcard?" Danny "Every day, until you get on that plane" (OH God woman, go with him!!!!)
(Becky pops balloon with intent) Gail "We should stay away" David "Yeah, we should" *They run across!*
Sylvia "I will never again denigrate 'hoods'"
Becky "Revenge is going to be so much sweeter now he's chained to the cow"
Norris "It was like booking tickets for Psycho and having to sit through some schmaltzy RomCom with Hugh Grant!" (You didn't stay for the fireworks!)
Roy "We love you, too, Becky" (Now you don't hear that from him very often!)

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Trudy said...

Disagree about fascinators. I have one that I'm going to wear to my brother's wedding in Italy next month. ;)

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