Monday, 2 April 2012

Corrie Canada weekly awards: March 26 - 30

Foot in mouth award (or should that be tree in mouth?) David and Kylie for being really rude to the social worker. Oops!

Loved up award: mushy star: Peter and Carla. Gag.

Cracks are showing award: Kirsty isn't all sweetness and light like she started off, is she? She was vile to Fiz.

Why are you still here award: Mary's gone from quirky to rude and annoying.

Christmas Tree Fail award: All the Christmas trees dropped their needles overnight! So much for having money in your pockets, lads.

Cheapskate award: Who would take a taxi from Manchester to London, Heathrow, making him drive all night, and NOT tip the driver?

I've got your back award: Gold Star: Kylie's on Becky's side, finally. So are Nick, David and even Gail, it seems.

Lowlife award: Steve really has been vile to Becky and he should know Becky better.

Crossed the line award: Cruel star: Tracy might be upset and afraid she's losing Steve, but accusing Becky of pushing her down the stairs and causing the miscarraige and blackmailing Deirdre to back her up is not on.

Fashion award (1): Kylie's tights! Chesney and Gary's Elf outfits!

Confidence Fail award: Faye bragged she'd be the best Mary ever. And then got stage fright.

Doubting Thomas award: Gold Star: Hayley isn't so sure Becky didn't push Tracy. Roy was sure, until Becky accidentally pushed Hayley.
Silver Star: Sophie does not look so excited about the church blessing.

Phrase of Doom award: Tracy Barlow Will You Marry Me!? Boy oh Boy are you going to regret that!!

Jealous award: Green eyed star: Kirsty suspects everyone and even hates Tyrone to have other friends let alone old lovers.

Family Feud award: To tell you the truth, I'm rather enjoying seeing Owen be victimized but the feud between him and the Platts? Not as unbearable as I thought it might be.

Hormone Hell award: Insecurity star: Tracy assumes everyone is as much of a schemer as she is but you can't blame her for not trusting Steve.

Fast food award: Cold Turkey Star: Rita and Emily have 5 hours to shop and cook a fully trimmed turkey dinner? Better be a chicken sized turkey if you ask me.

Fashion award (2): Carla's red leather gloves! Smart looking!

Lines of the Week:
Peter "You don't suppose we've broken a bylaw, being in possession of a daft grin during the hours of daylight"
Eileen "The message says Merry Christmas, not Come and Get Me!"
Tina "It's a Christmas tree, not a fashion statement"
Leanne to Peter "If you're lying in the gutter, I'm going to be there"
Owen "Where are me fish!?" David "I don't know what you're talking about" Kylie "AAAAAAAAAAGH Why is the bath full of fish????"
Steve "Are you familiar with the term 'Sleeping Partner'" Becky "I think we should keep things strictly professional"
Carla to Peter "You're not the one being called as a witness" (he might though. Frank thought Peter and Carla were at it, they weren't then but are now)
Steve to Becky "You are not the solution, you are just another flamin' problem"
Steve: "Becky is toast!" (Virtually guaranteeing the exact opposite)
Tracy "Steve only tells the truth when a lie seems less interesting"
Steve to Becky "We're a good team" Becky "Don't look so surprised. It wasn't all betrayal and broken hearts"
Audrey "It's not a very good advert for a hairdresser's, is it? A bald tree!"
Eileen "I've got needles in my underwear. I'm risking injury just sitting here!"
Chesney "This job was about me standing on my own two feet. Branching out!" (and he said it with a straight face!)
Tracy "Talk is cheap" Deirdre "Yeah, You'd know!"
Kylie "If I'd have been Mary, I'd have given Joseph hell for not booking!"
Sophie re Rosie organizing the hen night "Low key and classy, I told her" Amber "I hope you lent her a dictionary. So how chavvy is it going to be on a scale of 1 to 10?" Sian "11!"
Gary "I used to wear the Queen's uniform!" Chesney "Did she mind?"
Simon "Never work with animals and children!"
Tyrone "Do you not want me to have any friends" (No, she doesn't)
Katy "Am I hallucinating?" Chesney "No. I *am* dressed as an elf"

Why didn't Eileen ask Julie and Brian to dinner if everyone left her on her own?

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