Monday, 2 April 2012

Crafty Corrie Gifts

For those fans out there that like to do various needle crafts, these Coronation Street cross stitch kits might be just the thing for you or for a pressie.  I got these from the ITV Shop recently and they're great. The come with a complete kit including 14 count Aida cloth, a card with the strands of coloured floss already separated, a needle and instructions with the pattern.

I've had many kits in the past and most of them just throw the floss in and it's sometimes difficult to separate the colours properly and judge the difference between red, light red, medium red, etc. This kit has the colour numbers and symbols printed on it by each colour. Belting! ;)

In addition to these three kits, they also have a small bookmark featuring Hilda's ducks. At the moment, on the ITV shop site, the only ones that seem to be listed are the bookmark and the "Then and Now" kit, seen in the photo in the top left but I'm sure it's just the aftermath of the Christmas Season.

I've done a bit of a look around and a full range is available on the DMC Creative website who designed the kits for ITV.

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Trudy c said...

I haven't done these in years. I should look into them - they look like fun.

Tvor said...

I'm going to get around to doing one of them, too. I just keep finding other distractions!

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