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Style Review: The Wedding that Never Was

(This post was originally posted by Corrie Clothes on the Coronation Street Blog January 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

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The wonderful wedding guests at Sian and Sophie's wedding that wasn't really a wedding cos they didn't get wed!

Didn’t the guests look nice? Didn’t they all make such an effort? Didn’t they just CLASH, not just with each other (wonderfully, too) but with themselves.

However, there were too many boring black jackets. I know it’s winter but being black in colour doesn’t make the items of clothing any warmer.

First up, channelling our dear queen rather nicely was Emily in her raspberry hat with some rather delicious twirls on top. Even Norris noticed that she had a new hat or should we say chapeau, Norris? There were hints of a matchy matchy dress, black with raspberry prints and an extremely decorous double stranded pair of pearls.

It really is time pearls became cool again. I’m going to try to kick start this but not sure if anyone will take much notice. Didn’t she just glide across that shop, her beautifully cut swing coat swaying to the left and to the right as she walked, loud in red and proud? I would describe it as a Russian princess in the depths of winter crossed with a bearskin soldier on guard at Buckingham Palace with just a little glimpse of safari chic added by the zebra print underneath. And enough warpaint to knock Norris and Mary stone dead, if she wished. Wonderful, classic Rita at her very best and her very glamorous. Mwah.

Ladies, there’s colour blocking and colour clashing. The first is good and the second bad. Rita clashed with Emily. Raspberry and strawberry sounds very sweet but doesn’t look so fetching when walking down an aisle together. We waited in anticipation for her ‘date for the day', Rita, to see how the pair would match and in walked (prepare yourself for another Norris-ism) 'the scarlet woman'.

My most anticipated anti-fashionista did not disappoint. The lady who can always be relied upon to make an entrance in some get up or another - Julie Carp I LOVE YOU! She was the would-be winter bridesmaid she’d obviously always longed to be. No black for this damsel, oh no. There was a white faux fur stole, an ill-fitting starched satin sea green dress and to top it all off - most ill-matched of all - a pale purple formal beret. Joy of joys Julie. And not forgetting the too-dainty white satin handbag.

Next was to the Mother of the Bride. Such an important role and such an important outfit. Let’s not hide it with a boring fitted blazer. Oh Sally - you just did. Maybe she had fantasies of some gentleman slipping it off her shoulders at the wedding reception and revealing a hot red sexy little number. But we never shall know. But she got the wow factor after all, with that fascinator. Now I know that Grazia is forever trying to turn the nation against them but it seems the Street just ain’t listening.  And why would you when you can sport that delight? Stiffened twisted lilac net, from which emanated deep purple, baby pink and lipstick red feathers on long strands flapping as much as her mouth did.

Of course there were two Mother’s of the Bride and Sally, I have to admit, was certainly the classiest of the two.

Sian’s mum worn a purple jumpsuit. Yes a purple jumpsuit. With a furry/hairy short jacket. It wasn’t fashion, not really, just a little cougarish perhaps.

And then there was the wife-to-be of the grandfather of the bride (Sophie’s that is). Resplendent. Matronly. Bosomy. In danger of losing her hat it was leaning to one side so much. How wonderful too, that she had made sure that Bill had a sympathetically shaded tie to wear. Splendid.

Dev was rather dapper. Despite his dismay at having paid a whole £20 to get his suit dry cleaned, the dark navy was very seductive, with a good quality blue and white striped shirt which worked hard with the rest of the outfit. I was very taken with it. Please note ‘it’ and not ‘him’. Thank you.

I can’t possibly comment on the bridesmaids’ dresses, presumably chosen by Rosie. Other than to say my party dress of the season, was electric blue and there the likeness ends (as you can see here). HONEST!

Hope you liked it, if so come and have a look at blog sometime.

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