Thursday, 5 April 2012

More or less: Corrie in 2012

(This post was originally posted by Clinkers (David) on the Coronation Street Blog in December 2011.)

It's the end of the year (Yes, Canadians, we've breeched 2012 on our screens!) officially and therefore time to take stock. What do they call it? Stocktaking? Like the Dear Leader (Flaming Nora . . .) I feel that the Corrie year has been a little ho-hum. We should fall to our knees in thanks for being delivered from the likes of the Ghastly Grays, Claire Peacock and, with hours to spare, Sian. The character of Becky has been redeemed of late but alas (or hurrah depending on which way the wind is blowing), that particular ship is about to sail forever. Ta-ra and thanks for the ranting.

The twists and turns of the Corrie plotlines will probably already have been sketched out until mid-summer so the following is probably redundant before I even type another letter. However, there are a few characters I would like to see more of in 2012 such as . . .

Beth - granted she's only appeared in one episode but I'm already wondering if she's going to be as one-dimensional as Cilla or if the writers are going to flesh her out a bit.

Sylvia - comedy gold with a hint of pathos. The calibre of Stephanie Cole's acting shows up some of the younger cast members. I was a little worried when her arrival was announced but Sylvia has been priceless in 2011. Plus she's not trying to be Blanche Mark 2.

Kirk - now seemingly a recurring extra. Will he ever get a meaty storyline or a relationship? Let's see a different side to Kirky in 2012.

Lloyd - here's hoping for a refreshed and renewed Lloyd in late 2012. He's now rid of his feckless bint of a girlfriend plus her scarily androgynous child. The character is a good one so let's hope the writers do him justice next year.

However, there are a few faces that I would happy to see less of, other than Tracy Barlow which, of course, goes without saying . . .

Steve - I don't suppose he will ever go but the character seems to be a complete bore. Physically he's morphing into Stan Ogden but with much less personality. Dull publican, dull businessman, dull dad. Give him an edge or get rid.

Nick - Gail's frail and elderly son creaks ever onwards with a series of poor business decisions and vile girlfriends. Another Street dullard, he brings little to the party. He manages to light up a room every time he leaves.

Eva - a pointless, shrill harpy. Again, the writers need to flesh her out or melt her down for candles. At the moment she seems to ping-pong between being either vacuous or annoying. Neither of them is a positive atrribute.

Tina - she's gone from fun-loving teen to Winsome Witch in a couple of years. This sneering, sour young woman has begun to drain the life out of every scene she appears in. One can only hope that the worryingly awful psycho cop Kirsty manages to polish her off. Soon.

Many blog posts over the past few months have also singled out Tommy, Mary and Stella as characters who seem to be going nowhere. Who would you like to see more of in 2012 and which characters would you happily dispatch in the back of a taxi?

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