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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, August 5

Well Leanne seems to be starting as she means to go on, putting the boots to Peter straight away and yanking his visit with Simon out from under. I think she'd have let Simon go until Stella started working on her. Peter is missing Simon something awful and Leanne didn't have to stop Simon seeing his dad after already promising he could see him whenever he wanted. She most certainly is playing games. She shouldn't be giving Peter a taste of his own medicine, it's childish and not doing Simon any good.

Eva has decided to use Jason to make Nick jealous but it didn't work and Jason gave her a right rollocking because even he could figure it out and more power to him, he made her pay the bill! Shame on Eva. And why did it not work? Well because Nick still has eyes for Leanne, no matter that his "friendly" words were giving Eva the wrong impression. He knocked her back and then his gran convinced him to bare his heart, which he did, just when Eva walked in.

Now she thinks Leanne "stole" Nick from her when Nick was only biding his time with Eva all along because he couldn't have Leanne. Leanne has decided to be with Nick but you know she doesn't love him and she hasn't said she has. I think Nick will take what he can get from her. Eva's sisterly feeling,tenous as it was, has shattered. That's another reason why Leanne needed an "out" from under their feet. Have you ever noticed when someone overhears something they shouldn't, the other people never really explain it very well? No wonder things get so out of hand. And in the ensuing argument between the women, Leanne let her Battersby mouth get the better of her instead of trying to soothe things over. Why didn't she just say she doesn't love Nick and he came to her out of the blue? Wouldn't that have solved everything instead of talking around in circles?

Oh yes, and there's the rewrite of history yet again. Nick always wanted to be a dad? Was that why he persuaded Leanne to have an abortion when they were married all those years ago? Well, I'm giving him a bit of leeway on this, it's just something you say, isn't it? He probably has wanted to be a dad, once he finally grew up. As for her getting back together with him, it sounded more like she talked herself into it. You could agree with Leanne that Eva shouldn't have dated *her* ex first! I think Nick's going to get his heart broken again in the long run.

Eva made sure Peter knew before Leanne had the chance to tell him. And you knew Peter would lose his rag when he found out about Nick and Leanne. Nick being part of his son's life while Leanne is restricting Peter's access? Red Rag... Bull. And he shoved Nick up against a wall to warn him, too. Peter's now on a mission, ranting and raving and boring everyone witless about how much he hates Nick being with Simon. And Leanne is using his attitude to further keep Simon from him. Neither one of them ever learn, do they? I thought it was going to be High Noon in the cafe when he ran into them all.

Sunita was still underfoot with Eva resenting her presence and Karl making sure he is seen to be negative and sarcastic about her as well. That's the old "protest too much" line of defence, isn't it? Sunita isn't too pleased with Karl's attitude either. Well she's only got herself to blame on that score. Did she really think that installing herself under his feet was going to ingratiate her to him? Well she went back to Dev because she didn't have anywhere else go to (the flat?) and Karl didn't want her.

She doesn't love him and you know this isn't going to work. Eva caught Sunita tossing money at Karl and promising not to keep his grubby secrets. At least that's all she heard and they can at least assume it was all about gambling. Stella did anyway, and threw him out but she took him back again. You knew she would after she referred to herself as Saint Stella, something the Corrie blogs and boards have been calling her for months, what with all this advice she's always doling out to all and sundry.

The scene where Karl was begging her to let him back was absolutely cringeworthy. He's promised to get help for his gambling but he's got no intentions of doing just that. I don't know what was worse, the writing or her acting. And we jumped from that embarrassing display to Dev sobbing all over the house. Sunita as much as admitted she had an affair with an unnamed man and he was more than willing to forget all about it to have her back. He even held her to the marraige proposal and told everyone in the pub as soon as he could, further shackling her to him. Eva might have had a knock back over Nick but she marked Sunita's cards well and proper. And Dev is right back to square one, barging ahead with his own agenda and taking Sunita for granted with his picking out wedding venues without even talking to her.

Great scenes with the rat in the pub! I loved Beth pulling out her mobile with a furry cover and pulling out the rat instead and then the health inspector came round. Eva was phobic and Steve jumped on the benches like a girl! Mind you, they've done that before, right down to the "bad back" excuse. You may remember back in the early 90s there was a big spider! This video should spark your memory.

Looks like Steve is going to sell Number 13. Surely Tracy's name is on the deed? Weren't we told that earlier after they got married? Steve thinks their marraige was too short lived but he bought it before the wedding and i'm sure her name is on it. Don't you hate when they get little things like that wrong? Why were they surprised the sign was up? I can't imagine it went up there without a great deal of banging on the bricks. She and Beth are not inclined to let Steve have his way, though and are setting up things to put off all the potential buyers. Smelly, messy, using slobby Craig... success so far but I don't think their capers were nearly as good as when Sally slobbed around and had Eddie Windass's "help" when Kevin was trying to sell hers, though. Now Kevin wants to buy it back for him and Jack. Beth's plan to try to put him off obviously wasn't going to work and Tracy didn't get a chance to stop her. Once again Real Estate transactions seem to happen by magic in Corrieland.

Sean and Marcus cracked apart. This new colleague of Marcus', Aiden, has just come out and Marcus is trying to help and be a friend but Sean's jealousy is sparked. But then, Aiden did horn in on their dinner out and didn't know when to leave. I don't think Aiden was as upset as he made out and I think he knew exactly what he was doing. Sean was right, Aiden fancies the pants off Marcus and I think he was being very passive aggressive and manipulative that first night and then when he went out with Marcus he moved in for a kiss. So he might only have come out to his family who are giving him a hard time but he's pretty confident about who he is otherwise.

Even if he's right, Sean needs to rein it in. But he couldn't and he caused a scene at the hospital. Marcus and Sean are over, as Marcus says, they want different things. It was a sad and very realistic breakup. Even more so because there wasn't any screaming or shrieking or hurling of insults like there usually is with soap breakups. Sean was even quite mature about it too. They each had a friend to lean on and those tears looked very real, red eyes and everything, at least with the actor playing Marcus, Charlie Condou.

OH gosh, now Mary knows that Norris can dance, she's gone over the top and come over all previous. She badgered Norris to take her and it turned out she's got the grace of a donkey but ah, she *can* play chess much to Roy's surprise. And it looks like she's starting to ingratiate herself under Roy's feet. She certainly and most definitely on purpose, made sure Hayley was even more nervous before her dance exam. Then when Hayley returned after her exam, Mary was rude and ignorant to Hayley and Roy was preoccupied with the game.

The Flu has descended on Number 5 and Anna has taken both babies to look after, with Gary and Izzy's help. More babysitting and sure as anything, the more Izzy was asking pointed questions, the more you knew she was going to come over all pregnant. She told Fiz first and was scared to tell Gary because of how he'd reacted to babysitting everyone else's kiddies. I'd be more scared of Owen's reaction!

Well a rival cab company has gone out of business and guess who's back, appearing through the haze of a busted out diesel engine, LLOYD!!! Yay!!!! But he sure got the wrong end of the stick with Steve didn't he? IT was Steve's fault, though, he wasn't very clear. He thought Steve wanted to start their partnership again but he didn't. (not without an input of cash, i would say) They fell out again over it and i really do think Lloyd overreacted. Wasn't it good to see Lloyd, Steve and Eileen in the cab office though!? Lloyd's answer to his knock back from Steve was to buy that Primo cabs and open his own firm, Fare Ladies, featuring women drivers and he's nicked all Steve's clients and he tried to nick Eileen and all! Cheeky beggar! Eileen probably never intended on taking Lloyd up on his offer but didn't mind Steve and he arguing and negotiating over her. She bagged a raise, a job title and extra holiday days! Tracy is going to try to get Lloyd to hire her so she can sabotage the business. This would put her in Steve's good books naturally and he might be so grateful that he won't sell the house! But will Lloyd be stupid enough to hire her?

Michael Levell sounded dreadful! Suffering a bad cold from the sound of it.

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