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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, August 26

Dev is really reeling from the betrayal and pain. Having Sunita flaunt Karl under his nose isn't helping and it's pretty blatant of her isn't it? It's difficult when you live in a small neighbourhood and everyone knows your business. Dev is garnering everyone's sympathy this time out and Lloyd is being a very good friend. It wasn't so long ago his heart was breaking too. I think Lloyd's heartbreak was a lot more believable really, but then Craig Charles is a top actor. Mostly Jimmi Harkishin seems to have trouble with heartfelt emotion but now and then he can pull a good performance out of the hat when he underplays it. Problem is he usually doesn't.

I wonder why everyone's reaction to utter heartbreak is to get blinding drunk? Norris just couldn't help getting his nose in there to extend his sympathy to Dev, just to get a good close look really. It's really too soon to foist a new man in the house on those children, too. Daddy's gone and here's Karl all in a day. I also don't think Lloyd has any legal right to sack Karl just because of his personal life. Now Karl doesn't think he'll be able to get a job and that's a tragedy because of course nearly everyone has to have a job on their doorstep. Never mind the rest of Greater Manchester (aside from the hospital and Frescos)

Lloyd is a great friend to Dev. Dev got over the initial depression and is now angry and spiteful but at least that's better than crying all the time. Stella got all dressed up to talk to Karl and tell him to get stuffed while he thought he could beg to come home and she'd take him. Boy was he surprised. I wonder when St. Ella is going to let that little gem drop into Sunita's ear. Now she wants him to sign his share of the pub over to her in exchange for his debts but i don't think she's responsible is she? And she told Sunita his debts are hers now, again, how??? He is going to do it anyway, in spite of Sunita urging him not to.

Sean grabbed the really wrong end of the stick, when Marcus was just being friendly, and thought Marcus might want to get back together but in fact, he's tentatively dating that awful Aiden. I don't like him, he seems sneaky and passive aggressive and manipulative. Maria is still really sweet to Marcus and it's nice that Jason likes hanging out with him too but then he'd have got to know him very well living under the same roof. Good to see Brian does stand up to Julie now and then when she was intent on giving Marcus hell for leading Sean astray but at least it made Sean see sense.

Rob seems to be a bit of a tough boss, strict and has high expectations. That's probably good that he's not a pushover. Mind you with Kirk messing up all the time, he's got to be on top of things. It does seem that Rob is a bit overwhelmed having to deal with so many women, though. A bit out of his realm of experience. Dating them is a very different thing! I love Lloyd and Steve back together again! They are always good mates!!! Doctor Carter always seems to have time to leave and make house calls. Why wouldn't Amy's paint just wash right off Norris' shoes? Surely it's water based paint.

Ryan is really pushing the envelope at the cab office. He's falling asleep and then he asked Kylie to cover for him but ... Kylie was flaming brilliant! I want to see her there all the time! (why would Lloyd call the switch and not use the radio in the car?) Steve keeps playing the father figure for Ryan, he even got Lloyd to get Ryan a music gig through Lloyd's mate, and Michelle is certainly lapping it all up. He is a good bloke, really, even if he's a coward and has no spine but I never thought they were suited and I still don't. But Ryan, Ryan's a liar. He will say anything to anyone to get what he wants. What a tosser! And he's doing cocaine and i don't care what you or he says, this wasn't the first time. A little surprised that Kylie was so against it because i can't think she's had a squeaky clean past but maybe she's learned her lesson.

Really didn't think the Bistro was the kind of place Ryan and Kylie would have been comfortable in, and it's probably way more expensive than the Rovers. David wasn't too keen to join she and Ryan but was plenty ticked off when he found out about the drugs and rightly so. But he didn't go after Ryan, he went and tattled on him to his mummy. Michelle hasn't lost the blinders i see. Still willing to believe anything her little beloved baby says even when it's "blindingly" obvious. I think she did the right thing calling the cops but unfortunately Ryan managed to bullsh## his way out of it and Michelle believed him when he said he'd only done it once, yet he'd said, when she caught him the night before, said "So I do a little coke?!!! So what?"

Ryan was a lying tosser when he let Michelle think it was Kylie that gave *him* the drugs. She's completely forgotten what he said the night before (see above) and she, naturally, doesn't think the worst of him so Kylie it is. Except Kylie pushed back and laid a few truths at Michelle's stillettoed feet. Even Gail defended Kylie! (Oh God i love Kylie!) Michelle is starting to have second thoughts about Steve and his attentions and flattery are starting to make inroads and it looks like Michelle doesn't trust Ryan after all. Thank God! Even so, he's still stealing from her and he's still making plans to buy drugs.

It's Chesney's birthday! 18! Gosh remember when he was a little ginger boy? Sally and Kevin are still pretty chummy even if she won't have him back as a lover. Nice that they are still friends at least. Sylvia dresses up to Skype with Milton! Now Roy has bought her a plane ticket to go to Florida and nurse him through his broken leg.

Tracy is still plaguing Norris. That's about the only thing i've ever enjoyed her in. Otherwise it's a broken record, Steve, Steve, Steve. Norris was determined that Tracy was not going to snoop in his bedroom under the guise of cleaning so he padlocked it. Tracy then padlocked him *in* his room! He then leaned out the window in the driving rain to try to get Ryan to unlock him for 20 quid. But while Ryan was soaking wet, there wasn't a damp hair on Norris' head! Tracy finally burned her bridges, though. After Amy ruined one pair of Norris' shoes, Emily gave him Ernests old dancing shoes and Tracy ruined them as well. Emily's patience only goes so far and Tracy is out on her bony backside. But Tracy keeps saying she feels unwell. Is it true? Is she playing on sympathy or is she really ill?

Steve was in a pale pink shirt and everyone razzed him. Next day he's in an even pinker shirt and nobody said a word. Awww Roy bought his mother a ticket to Florida! You didn't really think she'd refuse it in the end? (The actress had been ill and is going to do a Christmas drama for the BBC but she'll be back with us, don't worry) Sylvia gone gives Mary a reason to spend even more time under Roy's feet in the cafe. Now she's maneuvering him into an overnight at a concert in Malvern which is a bit of a hike, to be sure, as it's a good 2 hour drive on the motorway. Hayley came home from nursing her uncle and Roy's face just lit up, a fact not gone unnoticed by Mary no matter how she might have tried to hang on as long as possible, left alone in the end.

Gary is getting overprotective of Izzy again, trying to keep her healthy while pregnant. This of course chafes on Izzy and she gets stubborn but when Gary blasts Rob (at Owen's instigation) for making her work overtime, she kicks back and then doubles over in pain. Sadly, she loses the baby which may or may not be related to her stress or her condition but it sure may give Owen cause to say he told her so even though he wouldn't. He was more upset than i expected. Now, however, Izzy has decided not to take the chance again and doesn't want to have any babies. Understandably she's scared because of her condition but right now isn't the time to make that decision really. Gary's heart is broken.

Kirsty really has a lot of insecurities and that's fueling her temper and violence. Kirsty has a hate on for Fiz because she's an ex girlfriend. Does she know about Maria? Tyrone gave Tommy a few weeks off his repayments but Kirsty went right off her rocker when she heard that and battered poor Tyrone to bruises with a vaccuum cleaner attachment. Now Tina has seen the bruises but Kirsty got to her before he could crumble and admit everything.

Kirsty keeps turning it on him, making him to blame for her feeling insecure and now he's thinking it's his fault. That's very typical behaviour in someone that's being abused. You make the person think it's their fault and wear at their self esteem until they believe they've "asked for it". It's hard to get them to see the real way of it. And Tyrone being brought up with a mother who at the very least emotionally abused him made him a prime target.

Anyway. Tyrone is getting pretty stressed out. He gave in to Kirsty and he pulled the payment holiday back so T&T can't go away. That's what preceeded Tina going to the garage where she saw Ty's bruises and there's far too many Ts in this Street these days. Tina figured it out and Tyrone, who desperately needs someone to talk to, admitted it but blamed her hormones and himself which is tragic. Now he's embarrassed and defensive that he said anything and he's still lying to Kirsty. He tried to get her to go to the doctor and she tried but she chickened out and then let Tyrone believe she had gone. Deirdre knows the truth, however and how is she allowed to keep her job and gossip all over the place about patients? Poor Tyrone, he's lovely but still dim. Normal pregnancy stuff? Normal? Did he forget he's already lived through this with Molly? She never knocked him around.

Tyrone got so wound up over Kirsty lying about the doctor that they had a scuffle and Kirsty ended up with a bruised face, seen of course by Deirdre who now thinks Tyrone is knocking Kirsty around. She'll be backed by Eileen who's heard them fighting and Kirsty let Deirdre think it, too. Yet they've all known Tyrone for years and years, why would they instantly think the worst of him? Well since it all came to a head, she sent Tyrone off for a pint, packed her gear and left him though he came home and caught her. He wasn't able to stop her and now it looks like he might have lost another woman and baby.

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