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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, August 19

Not much of an adventure for poor little Simon. And the B&B is pretty crap if they can't even get a proper television signal. I can understand Leanne's worry, not just because Peter took Simon away from school but we all know Peter was drinking barely more than 24 hours ago. From what we've seen, it certainly seems like he's not struggling to get back on that wagon though. Must be because he's on a mission. He's forgiven Carla, too and he has decided to leave town and wants her to come with him. All that guff he gave Leanne about wanting her back was just what she said. He can't have Carla and came back to her so she wouldn't take Simon away and now he's doing the same thing. Peter lurches from one disaster to the next. He thinks he's being real but he really is living in a fantasy world. He thought Carla was the problem, then Nick and Leanne and now he says Weatherfield is the problem when, as always, the problem is Peter himself.

Well, he managed to talk Carla around. Will she go with him? It must be love because she decided to go against her better judgement (because the two actors are taking a break from the show but they'll be back). She told Rob but not Michelle and is going to leave Rob to run the factory in spite of the fact that Michelle ran it last time she left town. Why isn't Michelle snarky because she's not going to have the reigns? Simon managed to call home and alert Leanne but they still couldn't find them.

Michelle figured it all out and saw through Carla's lies about L.A. and ratted on her to Leanne and though we didn't see the whole conversation, it must have hit home. Carla never really did think Peter was doing the right thing running with Simon. Another tear jerking scene at a train station with Peter saying goodbye to his son and trying to get him to decide. Why didn't he tell him he'd be back? Or he'd stay in touch with calls and emails etc? Leanne still thought she should move away but enough people pointed out there was no need so she changed her mind.

Now Leanne has to move forward and make a proper stable life for Simon with Nick at her side. She's going to run the betting shop herself, says she owns half of it. When was that? He bought it long before they were together. Did he changed the deed when they got married? It might be marital property i suppose since she did help run it. I don't know as it's a great idea to rent out the flat behind his back, though. Hire Tracy for the bookies? No I don't think that would work out very well. People skills are a foreign concept to her.

Nick didn't mind and Gail doesn't have to lose her baby. And she still can't say she loves Nick.Good thing. She did her best to put off the buyer. Why does everyone seem to do that on the show? And why does Gail continue to clean in the middle of dining hours? Shouldn't that be done before the Bistro opens?

Pub music when discussing Leanne's whereabouts. "Running up that Hill" by Kate Bush. Marcus and Sean talking awkwardly to "I just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" Love the burgeoning Granny Wars between Gail and Stella. I hope we get more of it. Thing is, though, neither of them have a blood tie to the lad.

Kirsty and Tyrone's domestic dischord is starting to seep through the walls. Eileen asked Tommy if there was a problem that he knew of. I hate to see Tyrone blaming himself or her hormones. Molly never went off her rag like that when she was pregnant. Tyrone's gone a bit too far trying to be electronically attached to Kirsty to make sure she's ok every waking moment. Kirsty is still narrow eyed and suspicious about Fiz and Tyrone's friendship, and even thought the baby shower was a sneaky collaboration instead of just a kind and generous thing to do. Mind you, Tyrone hasn't grown any more clues and keeps mentioning Fiz, like saying that she helped pick out the gift he bought Kirsty. Duh. You know the idea of Fiz sparks Kirsty off so why keep doing it? Because you're Tyrone and you're not the sharpest tool in the box.

Michelle's son Ryan has reappeared as a new actor and with a new attitude and i'm pretty sure i don't like it. I don't understand a word he says too which means the actor is crap. The character is going to be detestable too if this week is anything to go by, already trying to lure Sophie to the dark side, causing trouble, starting fires, and trying to rip off the factory because his mother made him work there. Even worse, by staging an accident, he shifted the blame on Kirk for not cleaning the storeroom up. He might be about 19 or 20 but he's acting like a 10 year old. And another thing, they shouldn't have tried to move him, should have just called the ambulance straight off. That alone, if it had been a real accident, would have been grounds for a law suit if he'd truly been hurt. Even once he was outed in his scheming, he was smug and arrogant about it, manipulative, rude and hateful. Really unlikeable. He's not going to be a character that will be liked because he's not supposed to be now. Michelle should have just let him leave.

Steve is most definitely re-interested in Michelle after all these years. I can't help thinking it's a very good chance it's a rebound thing. It *is* a nice side line that he's feeling like helping Ryan and acting as a sort of parent figure, leftover from before. Giving him a job on the switch is another step in her direction, puts him in her good books. I doubt Ryan appreciates the opportunity though. Lloyd sacked Karl. I don't think he can legally do that for the reasons he's offering, having an affair with a friend of Lloyd's.
I laughed at Kirk's face when it dawned on him that Marcus might fancy him. He made sure he was obvious about liking women with Marcus in hearing distance. He didn't get it at first and then had a hard time laughing when Kirk laid it on the line. Aww Kirk is so sweet isn't he? Daft as a brush but sweet! Kirk was good all week, in fact!

Poor Jason is moaning about being single so Tina has decided to play matchmaker and put him in Maria's radar again once she found out they used to go together and Maria was a bit moany about being single too. It was pretty obvious that their friends were setting them up but after a few moans, it looks like it's ok anyway. They did get together in the end, though, even though she wasn't too keen about the set up. I think Jason is probably a good match for Maria, at least he probably won't be unfaithful and he isn't a secret murderer.

Things are awkward in the Windass household with Owen and Izzy at odds. The family tried to be peacekeeper between then. Izzy has to give Owen a break but because she's not a parent yet, she really can't understand how he feels. Looks like Granny wars between Gail and Stella over Simon. Rita and Dennis are back! It must have been a round the world cruise for how long it took! Beth has now rented the bookies' flat. I guess that other one she rented out from under Tracy is free. Tracy could always go there!

Dev is becoming Groom-zilla and intent on showing off for the wedding, very expensive, and i thought he had no money? Where's he getting from for the posh wedding and holidays? Sunita most definitely doesn't want to get married you can tell and she's finding ways to delay it but not very successfully so far. But with Eva watching her all the time and Karl under her feet back with Stella, Sunita quit the pub to go back to work in the shop. Then he decides, again without consulting her, where and when the wedding will be and hires Julie to be the wedding dress designer. It always was and always will be what he wants. Julie's idea of a dress and colour was exactly opposite to Sunita's and she was out the door before the first needle was threaded. She thinks Sunita's heart is filled with passion for Dev. It's more likely it's a stony cold pit of gloom. And of course once she's back under this thumb, he's out gallivanting around the golf course and taking her for granted all over again.

She got fed up and shut the shop early and went to the pub. Stayed there drinking all evening and at the end of it, engineered it so that she and Karl got caught in a very compromising position. I know she did it all on purpose, because she saw the text from Stella saying she'd be home early after all, she wanted it all to come out and she'd be free of Dev. It sure did, too, in spades! Did you see her smug face when Stella caught them? We were just talking.... and your clothes all fell off, yeah i know. He blamed Sunita for jumping on him. Well she did, but it certainly wasn't the first time. He lied and lied and admitted the flirting, then a kiss but refused to admit anything else but Sunita certainly didn't mind letting the cat out of the bag. She blew it all out of the water because she wanted it to come out. She wants Karl not Dev. Well the whole neighbourhood had quite an eye and earful.

And when Dev confronted her, she really didn't seem all that upset that it came out, did she? He was snide and hateful and angry and hurt and she barely had the grace to look at all remorseful for hurting him. Even then, after knowing everything, he was willing to forgive her so that the kids wouldn't have to suffer. But really, he just can't let go. If it was anyone else it might be noble but with Dev, it's just a bit pathetic. Karl was begging Stella to take him back but she won't have it and judging from what she said about his past indiscretions, I would agree with her. He'd blown all his last chances. So Karl ended up on Sunita's doorstep, not because he loves her, but because he has nowhere else to go but she's got blinders on and is all ready for happy families with him. Boy is she going to come down with a crash when it's all over. He even admitted he was only in it for a bit of fun. So now Karl is living with Sunita and Dev found out straight away when he went to go beg once more.

I really don't think Dev and Sunita will reconcile this time. It took nearly 5 years for her to trust him enough the first time. I don't think she ever really loved him when she got back with him, it was more of an old ember flaring up and he's the father of her kids. This time, she won't go back. And Stella ... someone has to do the traditional throw stuff out the window routine even after she'd packed his bags and gave them to him.

Looks like Eva has decided that Rob is worth investigating after all. He managed to cheek her into a date. Rob has given Eva a job as a machinist even though she's dangerously inexperienced and unsuited. Apparently he's been in the nick a *long* time ;) She was good for one thing, though, trapping Ryan in his lies and man, didn't she look dangerous in that tight dress! That's not my bus but even I was gobsmacked (and not a little jealous) Ryan fell for it hook, line and sinker. A 20 year old student up against a blonde with cleavage like that and a body to break your heart? No chance in the world. At least they didn't drag out the storyline. Michelle was surprised he was lying. Michelle always did have blinders on when it comes to her son (and the one we're not supposed to remember).

Stella is trying to make peace between Eva and Leanne and managed to get them sat at the same table. Peace was shaky and they ended up in a row again when Eva overheard Leanne slagging off Rob's family and they came back to the pub early. And now that Karl's affair has been found out, the two women can be on the same side, supporting Stella in her heartbreak.

That was an awfully heavy jacket Simon had on for mid July though he could need it on the boat on the Atlantic, but why wear it to the train station?. And where did he get it? Did he have it at school when Peter picked him up? Carla was bringing his clothes to the train station. Marcus was polite to Sean but Sean has now got the wrong impression and thinks Marcus wants him back.

Mary most certainly has a crush on Roy. Roy is oblivious even though she's making pointed remarks about cleavage. She's luring him to concerts. She's brushing up on the things he likes and blathering on about trains even though nobody's listening. She even reaches for his emotional buttons like his father. The woman is a stalker. But where's it going to get her? Three hours of The Sound of Steam. You might want to rethink it, Maz! Now that Hayley's off the scene looking after her uncle, will Mary move in for the kill? You betcha. Didn't take long for her to invite him out to a concert. She made sure to come back after and he had to practically push her out the door.

I know i shouldn't but oh dear, Michelle Collins (Stella) really does have a difficult time with emotional scenes doesn't she? Between that annoying whisper and the face that barely cracks due to the cosmetic injections, it's painful to watch. And watching Jimmi Harkishin gurn and "cry" and emote is nearly as bad. Remember when Lloyd was heartbroken? Now *that* was great acting!

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Anonymous said...

I think the Ryans got switched again at uni and we've got "biological Ryan" back. As I seem to recall, he could be a bit nasty.

Anonymous said...

For a character who's Mum owns a salon, Gail Platt really should do something with her hair!

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