Monday, 12 November 2012

Paul O’Grady launches court action against Corrie musical producers

This just in today from The Stage, another chapter in the long-running saga that is the Coronation Street musical Street of Dreams. It's like a soap opera all of its own.

Paul O’Grady’s management company has begun legal proceedings against the producers of the postponed Coronation Street musical Street of Dreams. Reckless Entertainment, the company behind the musical, pulled the show, which starred O’Grady, just two days into a planned arena tour in May this year.

Now BM Creative Management Limited, which represents O’Grady, has launched a bid to have Reckless Entertainment wound up through a court order.

It continues: “Winding-up does not mean that the creditors of the company will necessarily get paid. The purpose of winding-up a company is to ensure that all the company’s affairs have been dealt with properly.”
The Insolvency Service also warns that costs may also be awarded against a company serving the petition, if the court believes it has “used the winding-up procedure inappropriately, where the company has good reason for saying it does not owe the money”.

BM Creative Management and Reckless Entertainment refused to comment.

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