Tuesday, 29 March 2016

5 reasons why Phelan is Corrie's best baddie in years

1. Comedy monster

Eileen might think he's cuddly and charming, but Anna knows the truth.  As do we... and having us fans and viewers knowing the truth about him, makes him irresistible to watch.  This picture in particular made me blog about Pat Phelan as the Nosferatu of Coronation Street. What a monster!

2. He's not ALL bad

He's not all bad. Remember when he chucked his chips in preparation for jumping in front of the car that Carla was hanging onto when the Bistro baddies drove off the Street?  It was only Kevin's intervention pushing Phelan out of the way of the speeding car that stopped him from getting knocked down and killed.

3. He's a Grafter
Saw what you like about his working practices but at least he works, and damn hard too.

4.  We all know the truth

Just like with Richard Hillman, the viewers and fans are "in the know". We all know what Phelan's up to. Kevin and Michael know he's not to be trusted but just as with Norris harking on about Hillman, no-one believes them. Not yet anyroad.

5. He's actually a bit cuddly

He's an alpha male with a cuddly side which makes him very watchable indeed.

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1 comment:

Daithi_c said...

Phaelan is a 2 faced bully who depends on luck
when he can bully obvious victims, and has a sickly
sweet side for the people he temporarily needs.

Thankfully his luck can't last forever, and
he will be driven from the street by a mob
with pitchforks and torches.

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